My cat drinks a lot of water, is something wrong?

If you have observed that your cat drinks a lot of water, you have to be on the alert. Diseases that affect the urinary system of cats are the most common that are usually treated by veterinarians.

Changes in a cat’s thirst are almost always a sign that can tell us that something is wrong .

We also have to pay close attention to how they urinate and where they do it, because like everything else, it will give us indications that it could be a physiological alteration of the cat.

The cat drinks too much water

If a cat begins to drink more water than normal and even excessively, it is possible that if it is not for a specific physiological reason (heat, stress, medication, food …), we are facing a possible sign of a disease. One of the most common is kidney failure (in this article we talk about kidney ailments in cats). But there are also other diseases associated with a cat drinking a lot of water, with an increase in the number of times it goes to the litter box, such as diabetes or liver disease.

In any case, you have to take into account that a cat can drink more, simply when they are hot, when they have done an intense exercise or when they have had a strong mental stimulus, as we mentioned before, even when they are small, because they have more energy.

The problem can come, if it is something that you have observed repeatedly and continuously, without an apparent cause.

Causes why a cat may drink more water than usual

● It may be a worm infection. These parasites feed internally, so they are absorbing nutrients from the infected cat.

● It may be a liver-related disease.

● You may be suffering, if you know it, a picture of fever or infection.

● It could be a bladder infection.

 Kidney failure.

● If it is under a process of medication with corticosteroids or anti-inflammatories, one of the side effects is that the kitten will drink a lot of water.

● You may suffer from heat, temporary dehydration and need to drink more water.

● You may have had a change from wet to dry food and therefore it is normal that you can drink more often than before.

Try to look at these causes and identify what may be the reason. The important thing in the case of a latent disease, is the speed to detect it and put it in the hands of a veterinarian.

What should we do to know if my cat drinks more water?

● It is best to put a previously measured amount of water, where you usually drink and calculate the daily consumption with more precision.

● We must observe our cat and confirm if it goes more to the litter box, than usual. For cats over 10 years old, if it is confirmed that they drink a lot of water and go to the litter box more, we recommend that if it is not one of the points justified above, such as a change of diet to dry, or the effect of temperatures higher at home or in short, specific things that could justify it, we advise you to go to the vet as soon as possible and consult him, since it can be a dangerous disease, such as diabetes, kidney or liver failure  and in these cases, early detection is very important.

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