LOF dogs: what does it mean and how to recognize them?

For the first time, conservationists have teamed up with veterinarians and breeders to help the French government come up with a law to curb the breeding of purebred dogs that are not subject to controls or certifications. 

LOF dogs are a concept that began to spread in January 2016 . It includes the laws and requirements that have come into effect regarding the recognition of pedigreed dog breeds.

What should you know before buying a puppy? In this article you will find all the details related to the sale of puppies with the pedigree, specifically the so-called LOF dogs.

Pedigree puppies

A puppy gets pedigree if it fulfills four requirements, which we need to know before buying one. First of all we will have to verify that both parents are “LOF confirme” . LOF means Livre des origines françaises . In other words, recognized by the French Kennel Club. Only puppies with this title are entitled to be called purebred or LOF dogs.

Nonetheless, the pedigree is not automatically granted. All puppies that are born to LOF parents are also LOFs, but they are not “LOF confirme”. To be confirmed, the dog must be evaluated by a pedigree judge at different times in his life depending on the breed.

A dog can be confirmed between 10 and 15 months of age . This means that a judge has ruled that the animal meets the standards of the breed. Specialists get together for confirmation and breeders have to pay for their dogs to be checked.

As a result, you can’t peddle just any dog ​​like the Labrador LOF, for example, and start a kennel. A judge would know right away that they are not LOF dogs and would require them to meet the required standards, in addition to paying the required taxes.

The breeder must declare the mating

In French this is called Déclaration Saillie . Within the next eight weeks, the owner of the female must notify the mating to the Sociéte Centrale Canine (SCC) to receive a mating certificate.

This is the first step in making sure you meet the breed standards, which will be followed by taxes to be paid to obtain this document. If you try to do this after four months of mating, the SCC will visit the farm. Once eight months have passed, it is impossible to get it.

The breeder records the birth of the LOF dogs

This must be done within the first two weeks of birth . The breeder requests that the litter be registered. This can be done once the puppies have the ID chip or tattoo .

Puppies without pedigree

This is only a problem if you are asked to pay the same amount as a LOF dog and you are expecting a pedigreed puppy. However, if you don’t mind having a purebred dog without a pedigree, buy one. Mixed breed dogs are excellent companions on a par with pure ones.

If the dog was not born to LOF confirme parents, he will not enjoy this title. They certainly have the best and most beautiful parents in the canine world, but if they have not been confirmed, their puppies are purebred dogs.

It must also be said that many puppies lose this title because breeders do not respect the timing and procedure to obtain it . It often happens, in fact, that the declaration of mating between LOF dogs is not confirmed.

Selling LOF dogs: the law since January 2016

In January 2016, the legislation on the sale of animals changed in France. This measure was intended to block the way for swindler breeders who earned thousands of euros from litters of dogs without pedigree.

For the government it is a financial intervention to stop this black market and collect the necessary taxes. This ensures that no one makes a profit illegally by selling defenseless puppies .

Furthermore, from the point of view of animal welfare , this allows dogs with pedigrees to be tracked more effectively.

What does the new law on the sale of animals provide?

Any person who sells a dog or cat is considered a breeder . To be an official breeder, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce. A dispensation may be obtained from the institution in question if you only want to sell one litter per year.

If you sell more than one litter per year, therefore if it is not an occasional activity, you will also need to register with the local health departments. In this way you get the necessary qualification, pay the necessary taxes and are subject to controls.

All dogs or cats, and their puppies, must have a microchip or an identifying tattoo before being sold. The law says that all dogs over four months old and all cats over seven months old must be identified.

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