Japanese Longhair Bobtail Cat care: hygiene, brushing, cleaning

How to best take care of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail? Here are the tips for cleaning the cat and many beauty tricks.

What do you need to know about brushing and cleaning the coat of cats of this breed? Let’s see together how to take care of the hair of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail, but also how to best dedicate ourselves to cleaning the ears, teeth, eyes and nails of our beloved furry cat.

Hair care of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail

The Japanese Longhair Bobtail is a cat with a medium to long coat, but without an undercoat: how to take care of it?

Despite the length of their coat, the specimens of this breed do not need special attention.

For this, it is more than enough to brush the cat’s coat 2 or 3 times a week, increasing the frequency during the moulting period.

In this way, we will remove the layer of dead hair, avoiding the formation of boluses and knots.

The ideal tool to do this? A soft bristle brush with wide teeth.

In this way, the procedure will be very pleasant and relaxing for your four-legged friend, who will devote himself more willingly.

Wash the cat yes or no? Basically the answer is no: cats, in fact, are very attentive to their personal hygiene, to which they dedicate themselves scrupulously and for a long time throughout the day.

The Japanese Longhair Bobtail bath can be an extreme solution if the four-legged cat has sneaked into particularly dirty places, or is recovering from an illness and does not clean itself.

How to wash the cat? First of all, you should make sure that the operation is as less stressful as possible, making sure that the bath lasts a short time and making sure you are very delicate.

In addition, it is essential to use specific detergents for the feline’s skin, making sure that the water temperature is not excessively cold or hot.

Are you looking for tips to make your four-legged friend’s coat shiny and shiny? Watch your diet! To find out everything there is to know about the nutrition of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail, consult this article.

Finally, a simple DIY trick: rub the cat’s fur with a solution based on water and vinegar to see it sparkle.

Cleaning of teeth, nails, ears, eyes

Of course, Japanese Longhair Bobtail care also involves making sure your cat’s teeth, nails, ears and eyes are clean.

Cleaning the oral cavity, in particular, is essential to avoid the onset of unpleasant pathologies such as gingivitis, stomatitis and other infections.

For this, it is necessary to clean the teeth of the cat daily, using a special toothbrush and toothpaste, or using spreadable creams to be distributed on the cat’s teeth.

To trim the claws to the Japanese Longhair Bobtail yes or no? The answer is: it depends. Generally, young and active cats do not need to trim their nails as they sharpen them themselves.

In the case of an older cat, however, this may need to be done.

How to do? Using a special nail clipper, we will have to press lightly on the cat’s paw, making sure that the claw comes out entirely, and then only remove the small white portion, not vascularized.

Finally, how to take care of the eyes and ears of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail? It will be sufficient to inspect them regularly and eventually remove excess secretions with the aid of special cleaning products, available on the market.

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