Nutrition of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail Cat: foods, quantity and frequency of meals

Wondering what is the best nutrition for your Japanese Longhair Bobtail? Here is the list of ideal foods and quantities.

Taking care of the diet of your four-legged friend scrupulously and carefully is one of the main ways to ensure that our cat’s life is long, peaceful and healthy. Here is the ideal diet for the Japanese Longhair Bobtail, including information on the doses and frequency of the cat’s meals.

Quantity and frequency of the docked-tailed cat’s meals

Of course, planning the best nutrition for your Japanese Longhair Bobtail means knowing how much and when your kitty should eat.

The specimens of this breed are active and lively. Therefore, they need a consistent supply of nutrients, which can satisfy their energy needs.

At the same time, however, they are extremely greedy cats. For this, the risk of obesity is just around the corner.

In general, an adult cat should eat 40 grams of wet food for each kg of weight. As for dry feed, however, the dose would be around 50-60 grams per kilogram.

However, for the feeding of your Japanese Longhair Bobtail to be truly perfect, it would be preferable to seek veterinary advice.

In this way, the cat’s diet will be planned based on specific characteristics such as weight, age, health and lifestyle.

How often should you feed the cat? Generally, it is recommended to feed the cat twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, before going to sleep.

In this way we will not risk that our four-legged friend will wake us up in the middle of the night because he is hungry.

Nutrition of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail: essential nutrients

What are the foods to be given to the Japanese Longhair Bobtail, so that its diet is balanced, nutritious and tasty?

Just like all other domestic cats, this kitty is also an obligate carnivore. Therefore, its diet must be mainly based on the intake of proteins of animal origin.

Meat should never be missing from a cat’s diet. In particular, among the most suitable foods are: rabbit, chicken and beef.

Excellent foods rich in vitamin B12, an essential nutrient for the well-being of the cat, are the offal, the heart and the liver.

The ideal diet of the Japanese Longhair Bobtail also includes fish, albeit to a lesser extent, such as cod, sole and sea bass.

Finally, his perfect diet is completed by proteins of vegetable origin, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and mineral salts.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for the administration of industrial feed, or for the preparation of meals to be administered to the cat directly with your hands.

In case of home feeding, however, it is necessary to pay extreme attention to the supply of all the essential nutrients for the well-being of the cat. The risk of food shortages, in fact, is very real.

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