Is it true that rabbit teeth do not stop growing?

The rabbits are some pets that adore children and adults. And they have a peculiarity, their teeth do not stop growing, so they require special care so that they are healthy and happy. Today you will learn how important it is to take care of your teeth. Attentive!

Rabbit teeth are constantly developing

That’s right, rabbit teeth don’t stop growing. Their mouth is adapted to gnaw on barks and natural fibers found in their habitat, which causes wear and tear on their teeth. That is why your teeth are renewed and growing throughout life, reaching one centimeter per month.

When rabbits become domestic animals, they must take a series of care so that their teeth are of the right size and length so as not to cause themselves oral damage, such as sores or wounds, even eye pressure.

So some chew toys will help file your friend’s teeth.

Gnawing is essential for your health in general and especially to avoid problems related to the teeth of rabbits .

Like all pets, a check on their health and regular visits to the vet are recommended. You can always distribute the tasks in the care of the pet and carry the responsibility among all the members of the family.

How to care for rabbit teeth?

Always, always have hay available. Like guinea pigs, hay helps them to have the necessary dental wear. In the same way as with alfalfa and other field herbs. As they are not free grazing, the owner must provide their daily food and ensure their physical condition and nutritional needs.

For all the above, it is ideal to choose quality hay with a supplement, such as dandelions, flowers, carrots … They will love it and it will make them happy!

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