How to make your pet a social media an influencer

Originality, creativity and being fun are the main factors in making a pet famous, but you have to make sure that the images and videos are natural.

New work has emerged, thanks to the advancement of technology and the emergence of social networks. Being an influencer in social networks is a well-paid “job” and from which our pets certainly cannot escape.

Would you like your pet to be an influencer ? Well, then check out these tips.

If you want your pet to be an influencer, check out these tips

Social networks are full of pets who often have even more followers than people . If you want your pet to be successful on social networks , you might want to consider these tips:

It doesn’t have to be a dog or a cat

It is true that there are many dogs and cats that have triumphed on Facebook or Instagram , but that doesn’t mean that other pets can’t . On the contrary, if there is something that attracts social networks it is originality.

For example, Pumpkin is a cute raccoon who thinks of himself as a dog, and that is what his owner “exploited” to launch him on the net.

He has more than one and a half million followers: he  is a real celebrity!

It is not the type of pet that matters, but its personality, what it knows or can do and your creativity when it comes to taking pictures or videos.

Be original

It is true that watching videos in which the cutest animals are caressed is a good resource, and that they allow you to get thousands of views, but they end up boring, because they always show the same thing.

In this sense, if you want your pet to become an influencer , you have to be original, look for a skill that only he is capable of or invent it.

For example, there are those who have decided to launch their pets on the net because they are “ugly” : they make them wear a costume and gain thousands of followers. It sounds so easy!

Sometimes, others are just cute, mischievous, or turn around. Whatever your pet can do, take advantage of it.

Be creative

Many pets, which simply do nothing, are also in the numbers one of the social networks thanks to the creativity of their owners. For example, there are some pets that travel with their owners and appear in original photos and in famous places around the world.

In reality, the animal does nothing, but followers are curious to see it anywhere in the world. Here’s how the network works.

Be fun

Even if the best thing is to create a mixture of photos in which there is originality, tenderness and beauty, the important thing is, in the end, to be fun. The more funny pictures you have, the easier it will be to get followers . Why?

Social networks are an alternative to boredom and sadness, and what many look for when they enter is to laugh a little. If you can make people laugh, success is guaranteed!

Take care of the lyrics

It is not enough to post a photo, you will need a short introduction explaining why the photo was taken, the situation in which it was taken and why it was funny or touched you.

You should use simple vocabulary and not use too long, but not too short, text.

If followers see a very long text, they will quickly get tired and won’t even start reading it, while if it’s too short, this will cause them to lose interest in the image.

Be natural

Here comes the most complicated part, because what has been said so far must blend perfectly with naturalness. Yes, you will have to do whatever it takes to make your pet funny or cuddly, but if it’s all very prepared or very forced, the images will lose their appeal.

Therefore, everything should look as natural as possible , but without giving up on aesthetics.


You will also need to interact with followers , because if they send you comments, “likes” or messages, but never tell them anything, they are likely to get angry or bored.

We don’t say that you need to respond to each of the comments, especially if you get thousands of followers, but yes, it is important to respond to some, at least to show gratitude.

Making your pet an influencer isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why only the best are the most famous.  Even so, we are sure that if you follow these tips, your pet will occupy one of these positions. What are you waiting for to try?