Arrangements to make for your cat when you go on vacation

Felines prefer not to travel, so you have to find a caregiver, check the food and contact the vet

The felines are not friends of the trips, nor of the changes of territory. But what to do with cats that are not so adventurous on vacation? As detailed in the following lines, you have to find a caregiver for the felines , check their food and the litter box and have the vet’s phone close by.

What shall I do with my cat over vacation?

Felines, unlike dogs and other furry exceptions, do not enjoy travel. Cats are animals that are very sensitive to change and travel is often a major source of stress and a danger to their well-being.

1. Find a caregiver

The first step before traveling is to make sure the cats are well cared for. A home caregiver is the friendliest, simplest, and least stressful alternative. The felines will be able to maintain their usual territory, habits and spaces. The family and friends sensitized with the care they require cats are the most appropriate option, since it will meet the furry companions.

There are also professional cat sitters. There are many options on professional pet sitter portals.

2. Prepare the food

The food supplies for kittens available at home must be checked before going on a trip. Will they have enough food for vacation days?

It is not only important to check the feed, but also to make sure that the cats will have enough cans of wet food for that period (between one and two a week, about 140 grams).

The easiest way to make it easier for the caregiver to feed the cats is to clearly write a table with the daily rations for each cat. This will make things much easier for you.

3. Check your sandbox

The cat litter box is another accessory that cannot be neglected when preparing for a trip: make sure there is enough sand and give the appropriate instructions to the caregiver so that the tray is cleaned once a day and filled with sand enough.

4. Contact the vet

The feline health cards and the veterinarian’s contact telephone number should also remain within the reach of the caregiver. An emergency cannot be ruled out and these preparations will be extremely helpful.

It also does not hurt to call the doctor to warn him that he is going on a trip and that, in an emergency, the carer will come with the animal.

What preparations do you make before traveling without your cats? You can share your tips in the comment section below.

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