How to care for a Russian Dwarf Hamster

Do you want to know how to care for a Russian hamster ? Whatever size they are, all pets deserve to be happy and to be given all the care they need , even the little ones! Therefore, in this article we are going to explain what you should prepare and do to take care of your Russian hamster. Do not miss it!

How to care for a Russian hamster

Russian hamsters are small rodents, somewhat different from the common hamster breed . Before your hamster comes home, you must be prepared. This is all you need to know to take good care of him …

1. Prepare the cage

The cage will be the place where your hamster will live and spend most of its time. Therefore, the first thing you should know about how to care for a hamster is that its cage has to be of an appropriate size , so that it can move freely and exercise without stress.

It is best to place it in a place away from drafts, but where it is not in direct light either. Hamsters spend most of the day sleeping, so if they get too much sun they could get heatstroke .

How do you clean the cage of a Russian hamster? Too easy! We recommend that you do not use abrasive products, better with less aggressive mild disinfectants , you will find them without problems in animal products stores.

Another option is to simply use soap and water and then rinse it off. In either of the two cases, afterwards it will be necessary to dry it well and put sawdust on the bottom; renew the sawdust every time you clean it, once a week . Pay special attention to their feces: they tend to choose a corner of the cage to make them, clean it daily.

2. Choose a good sawdust

Find sawdust appropriate for hamsters. We recommend that you DO NOT go for cedar shavings, as it releases an oil that can be harmful to your respiratory system.

3. How to care for a Russian hamster: control its reproduction

It all depends on whether you want them to have young or not. If you don’t want or won’t be able to take care of all of them, we recommend that you do not put male and female hamsters in the same cage. It is better to have a few well cared for hamsters than to have more than you can handle.

Hamsters’ gestation is very short, lasting between 15 and 20 days , so you could find a large cluster of hairy balls before you know it. If you want to have several hamsters at the same time but do not want them to breed, it is best to separate them by sex.

4. Do not disturb

Hamsters sleep many hours a day, it is important that you do not interrupt their sleep cycles, only then will they be happy. Typically, they sleep during the day and are active at night.

5. Food

One of the keys on how to care for a Russian hamster, or any other pet, is its diet. Ideally, you should give it specific preparations for this species of rodents and complement it with small amounts of fruits and vegetables . For example, good options are corn, tomatoes, lettuce, or apple.

Remember that you should not saturate them with food, they are very small! Also, do not give them very sweet products, they are prone to diabetes.

6. Hygiene

Like any pet, the Russian hamster also requires certain hygiene habits, but in a special way: they do not have to be bathed! They are cleaned by dipping in sand . Yes really! You can use chinchilla sand or fine beach sand, place a full container in its cage, as if it were a swimming pool.

Even if you think it gets dirty, sand actually helps keep hair clean and shiny . They love those dips! This is one of the easiest parts of caring for a Russian hamster.

7. Don’t forget the pampering!

What would be of pets without cuddles? They need them to feel loved! We recommend that you take your hamster out of the cage for a little while each day to cuddle and socialize. With your touch and caresses, he will learn to live with people and he will not be scared, you will be able to tame him.

Unlike common hamsters, the Russian hamster tends to revert to its wild state if it lacks affection . Just remember: games and pampering, better at night; for the rest of the day you will be asleep.

If you have more than one, we recommend that you take them out in turns, one by one, or you will not be able to control all of them. They could escape! And to see who finds them later at home …

It is a good idea to buy a toy for hamsters, so you can stimulate them and play with them, helping them get used to domestic life as soon as possible.

8. Be Attentive towards the Hamster’s health

Of course, as with all pets, you should see your vet if you notice that your hamster is showing signs of illness.

And that’s it! You already know how to care for a Russian hamster. Why wasn’t it so difficult? In fact, hamsters are a good option if you are looking for a cute and fun pet that does not require a lot of time or money to keep. Enjoy your hamsters!

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