How to bathe a short-haired dog?

All dogs, regardless of breed, need to be washed in order to be clean.  Although short-haired dogs do not need to be bathed as often, it is recommended that they be bathed at least once a month.

Many dogs love water, but others hate it and bathing can be torture. The first few times you try to bathe your dog, he will definitely object. For this reason, it is best that you get your dog used to water from a young age.

Bathing your dog can be fun, depending on how you do it.  At first he may refuse, but he will immediately feel at ease and relax enjoying the lukewarm water and foam.

What do you need to wash your dog?

The first things you will need are desire, patience and a suitable place where the dog feels comfortable and safe. You can bathe your dog in various places, in a tub, in a basin, in the sink or in the garden. It depends on the size of the dog.

It is not the same thing to take a bath on a Great Dane as it is on a Chihuahua. The first will feel more comfortable in a tub, the second, being so small, would perhaps feel less protected in a tub and therefore prefer a sink or basin. If you have a large dog and have decided to use the tub, put on a non-slip mat.

Another important point is the water temperature.  It is recommended to use lukewarm water, if it is too hot it can burn his skin and if it is too cold he could catch a cold.

Before you start washing your dog, make sure you have dog shampoo, cotton wool, towels and a comb on hand.

It would be better that before using a product, ask your veterinarian for advice who will indicate the most appropriate product . It’s true that pet stores sell hundreds of different types of products, but the one you have chosen may not necessarily be the best for your dog. For this it is always better to ask a professional. You will avoid allergic reactions and give your dog a perfect bath.

How to bathe a dog?

First of all you have to brush the dog.  It is necessary to remove the dead hair, comb it gently and clean the teeth of the comb when it is filled with hair.

Once all the dead hair has been removed, it is very important that you make balls of cotton wool to put in the dog’s ears . Protect the ear canal: remember that short-haired dogs have no hair in their ears that can prevent the passage of water. For this reason, put some cotton in to avoid possible discomfort.

Once the dog is in the tub, put some shampoo on his back.  Put some foam on its front legs and start massaging it, reaching the belly and continuing to the tail.

Dip a sponge in clean water and wash his face. If there are stains around the ears or eyes, you can add some soap. Rinse the sponge and remove any soap residue that may have remained on your dog’s face.

Rinse your dog with plenty of clean water.  You can also use conditioners. Short-haired dogs are predisposed to having dry skin and a conditioner helps restore sebum levels which prevents itching and irritation.

If you have decided to use a conditioner, place a small amount along the spine and distribute it throughout the body.  Leave the product on for five minutes and rinse with clean water.

Finally, wrap the dog in a towel and take him out of the tub.  Remember to remove the cotton balls from his ears. Dry your dog with a towel. If the towel is soaked, change it and use a dry one.

You need to consider the atmospheric temperature, if it is cold, it is best to leave the dog in a warm room until it is completely dry. If the weather is nice, let it dry in the sun.

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