How long is a cat’s pregnancy

If you are thinking of making your cat ride and have new kittens in your home, it is very likely that you want to know the gestation time of a cat. Or maybe your cat is already pregnant and you want to know when the new puppies will arrive. At Petlifey, we explain how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, whether she is a first time or not, and many other curiosities.

Gestation time of a cat

  • Exactly the same as it happens with human beings and other mammalian animals, the gestation period of a cat has a certain duration. In this specific case, you should know that it is much less than you probably imagine.
  • You should know that the pregnancy of cats lasts between 57 and 63 days, or what is the same, practically a couple of months.

Therefore, to the questions: how long does the gestation of a cat last ? Or, how many months does a cat’s pregnancy last ? The answer is that the gestation of cats lasts 2 months.

  • But if your animal has been mounted and you did not know it, the gestation time of the cats that your pet carries will seem shorter, since it may take a few weeks to detect that something is happening to it. For this reason, you must be alert to know if your cat is pregnant.
  • If you think that your pussycat is expecting puppies, the most important thing is that you go to your vet to confirm it. He will be able to tell you exactly how many weeks your cat has been pregnant. In this way, you will know how to calculate the time of delivery and you can have everything ready for when your furry pet has the puppies.
  • Now that you have been able to know how long a cat is pregnant, it is essential that you know that you must increase her care. In this way you can ensure the health of future puppies and your feline, especially at a nutritional level.

How long is the pregnancy of a new cat

You should know that both the gestation period of a first-time cat and that of a cat that has already given birth is exactly the same.

That is, between 57 and 63 days, about 8 weeks or two months. This point is very important since many people think that in a cat that is gestating for the first time, pregnancy lasts less time.

As you have seen, knowing how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts is very simple.

It will be very easy for you to know the approximate day that the kittens will come into the world, if you know the day of the mount. But it is somewhat more complicated when you do not know it.

In case of doubt or that your animal presents any type of symptom or discomfort, we recommend that you go to the vet immediately.

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