Pregnancy and delivery of Cat: times, symptoms and complications

The duration of the cat’s calving is important to know. Knowing how much time the cat needs is crucial to her health.

The arrival of our cat’s kittens is as exciting as few other things in life. Having been present throughout the cat’s pregnancy has made us participants in the whole story. We’ve seen her change all this time, physically we’ve seen her belly grow day by day and we’ve seen her behavior change and become more and more eager for cuddles.

Until the last moment that leads us to the birth of puppies, very tender sweet and defenseless beings. We have seen them born one after the other, coming out and meowing without standing up. A spectacle of nature for which we will never be prepared, stops time and everything that is around us. At that moment we are kidnapped by the beauty of life and we do not even remember the duration of the cat’s birth that in some cases it is important to know.

The duration of calving of the cat

The duration of childbirth is a subjective condition that can vary from subject to subject, this applies to humans as well as animals. However, it should be emphasized that it is often essential to know approximately the times, as in this way it will be easier to understand if the cat is in difficulty or is proceeding everything in a regular way.

That is why now we are going to deal with the stages of the birth of the cat and there will be much clearer to deal with it when the time comes. What’s easy to establish is that cat delivery is mainly divided into two phases. The first stage is dilation where the cervix widens thanks to uterine contractions so that the puppies can get out.

The second phase consists in the expulsion of the kittens. It should be borne in mind that the first phase is the longest, after which the expulsion of the kittens could take place one after the other, one every half hour and in special cases even after 24 hours (in this case it is better to contact the veterinarian).

A few days before, however, the cat expels a sort of cap that serves to protect puppies from infection, this cap is called mucous cassock. Eliminated this mucous cassock and after 3 to 7 days, the cat will give birth, but this time breaking the waters. From this moment the cat in about 2-3 hours will give birth to puppies.

How to tell if the cat is about to give birth

Considering that it is not always possible to know the date of conception of kittens, the best way to be able to understand if the cat is about to give birth is to observe the behavior and any symptoms.

Surely a few days before giving birth to the puppies, you will see the cat wandering in search of a quiet, intimate and solitary place where you can lie down to make the birth. In the event that all this should happen before your eyes, you could make yourself useful and try to make her place more comfortable and arrange a blanket or towel.

Do not think of doing it yourself to create a place as the cat will be the one to choose it. A symptom instead could be the poor appetite of the day before giving birth, where the cat in the last days instead on was shown hungrier than usual, as indeed all pregnant cats.

Another sign is the washing of the pubic area, as in really imminent proximity, the cat suffers losses of secretion that tends to wash away with the tongue. In addition, if you have the opportunity to measure the rectal temperature of the animal you will notice that the cat that normally has a temperature of about 38.5 degrees in the vicinity or two hours after giving birth can get to have 1 degree or a little more.

Her physical appearance will also change her nipples, and the mammary glands will swell, the abdomen will lower, the vulva will widen and soften, the breath will become faster and contractions will begin. This and the moment when the cat is finally ready will lie on her side and give birth to puppies.

From what to understand that childbirth is over

The birth of the cat can be considered finished when two kings have passed since the escape of the last kitten. Logically, if you have had the opportunity of an X-ray examination of the cat, it will make everything much easier, as we will have the certain number of kittens present in the belly and to be expelled.

Where there is no X-ray to help us, it is possible to orient oneself through the attitude of the cat, that is, if we observe the animal taking care of the breastfeeding of the puppies, it means that she feels that she has given birth to all the puppies, if instead we see her remaining lying on the side, then it means that she still has to give birth to a puppy or who knows maybe more. If too much time passes, it is better to call your veterinarian.

Probable complications

As in all situations, even the most natural ones in this world, complications can arise and in the case of the birth of the cat, it is up to us to try to understand when it is appropriate to ask the veterinarian for help. To do this it is essential to learn to understand when nature alone is not enough to accomplish this extraordinary event. The factors that can help us understand if the duration of the cat’s birth is right or it is time to intervene are:

  • when we realize that something obstructs the birth canal, beyond the time that is passing;
  • when contractions last 2-4 hours but are weak;
  • when contractions begin but then do not return;
  • when despite the contractions from expulsion are very intense but in any case for 20-30 minutes no puppy is born.

Faced with even one of these problematic conditions, promptly call the veterinarian, as it could be dangerous for both the mother and the kittens.

How to help the cat give birth

If your cat is about to give birth and you intend to help her, consider preparing the nest where to give birth. There are a few simple but essential things you can do to make her childbirth more comfortable.

First of all, it is necessary to know that the cat tends to be a little aggressive at the time of delivery, which is why it is better to find a more secluded place away from children. the ideal could be a cardboard box with high edges, with a blanket and an infrared lamp inside that can keep newborn kittens warm.

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