Fundamental aspects of canine behavior

When we adopt a dog, we quickly realize that they are very different from us and that we probably had the wrong idea about these animals. To understand your dog, you need to keep in mind some fundamental aspects of canine behavior. Let’s find out together!

For a good coexistence and for love to flow unimpeded between you and your dog, you need to understand it. Let’s see how to do it.

How to understand canine behavior through gestures

Dogs express their feelings differently than ours, among other things because they lack the ability to speak. Their gestures will tell us a lot about how they feel and teach us a lot about their behavior. 


Dogs can be afraid of many things, things that may seem ridiculous to us. Their body language will show us exactly if this is happening. They may, for example, put their tail between their legs, regardless of whether they are male or female, curve their backs, and close their mouths. If what causes them fear continues over time, they will begin to walk backwards and even run.


Dogs are guardians by nature, of themselves and of those around them. For this reason they will be ready to react to the sight of something unusual or strange, which makes them feel threatened. To find out if your dog is angry, look at their ears, which will be positioned forward. Additionally, the dog will have a frowning expression and a threatening look. If what is bothering him is obvious, it will bark loudly and insistently.


If you have had dogs before or if you have one now, you will have realized the attitude it takes when you scold them. He lowers his head, relaxes their body, and hides in places it believes you can’t find them. All of these are signs of submission, as dogs are pack animals and need a leader. If your pet also reacts in this way, it is because it has perfectly understood that you are in charge.

To apologize

Even if animals do not think or reason, when they are reproached they realize that they have done something wrong. The next step will be to seek your forgiveness and your love. For this they will get between your legs or will position themselves on the ground asking you to caress their belly. If you refuse, they may feel very bad, walking away waiting for your anger to subside.

I’m in charge here

This is a very common attitude among pets that have not been well socialized since they were puppies. The same is true for dogs who have never seen limits placed in the home. They need a leader, someone who sets the rules. A dominant dog will stand with an upright body and a raised tail. If your dog looks at you in this position, he obviously hasn’t understood that you are in charge. 

Play, play

Play is one of the essential parts of any dog’s life. So there won’t be a few times your pet will ask you to play with him. The gestures will be those of approaching you, moving your tail and getting on your legs. It is possible that they do this with or without a toy in their teeth, but their intent will be more than clear. Don’t refuse it!


Dogs are usually affectionate pets who like to receive attention from their owners. This is why they often require pampering and caresses. They will come towards you, they will probably rest their heads on your legs and look into your eyes, asking you to touch them. They will even go so far as to push their head against your body to get noticed.

As you can see, to understand the fundamental aspects of canine behavior you just have to pay attention to your dog’s gestures. Keep their needs in mind and try to meet them as much as possible. In this way, you will have a happy dog ​​and coexistence will be wonderful.

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