Dangerous and Prohibited Foods for Cats

Who has not inadvertently associated a bowl of milk with a hungry cat … television, bad information or cliches can make us not know what are the prohibited or dangerous foods for cats and that they can even be deadly. We name you some of the most toxic and harmful foods for cats :


It is very toxic to cats. It contains theobromine that causes acceleration of the heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, systemic failure, coma and can cause in cases of a large intake, even death.

The problem is that the cat takes a long time to eliminate this substance and it accumulates in its body. Dark chocolate is the one with the most theobromine and therefore the most dangerous.

Sugary products ?

They are harmful to health in general, in addition they are unable to perceive their taste. This is possibly a natural defense to avoid these foods. Sugar causes cats a lot of gas and colic, affecting their intestinal transit and causing significant discomfort.

Milk ?

Milk in general is poorly digested by adult cats, causing diarrhea and intestinal problems. This is caused by their high intolerance to lactose, especially when they are adults. If you give it, always lactose-free, very little amount and better if it is prepared especially for them.

Alcohol ?

It is very dangerous, causing great toxicity in the cat. Alcohol can cause urinary incontinence to the death of the cat itself.

Onion, leek and garlic ?

In high and continuous doses, the thiosulfate in onions, garlic and leeks (also chives) can destroy red blood cells and cause anemia.

Tomatoes and potatoes?

In the case of tomatoes, there are two substances that are harmful to cats, solanine and tomatine. The latter is more present, the more ripe the tomato is. On the other hand, the potato is not particularly harmful, especially boiled, but the problem is the plant and the green stems, which also contain solanine.

Grapefruit and Avocado ?

Avocado contains a lot of fat. It can cause pancreatitis and stomach problems due to a substance called persin. The pomelo gives them diarrhea and malfunctioning of your digestive system.

Oranges and Lemons?

Citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges cause diarrhea and an upset stomach. They are natural repellants, this is because their pulp has an organic compound called neohesperidin .

Roast beef and cold cuts ?

Basically because of its sodium content, which is not tolerable by cats, causing hypertension. Salt is very dangerous for them.

Raisins and grapes ?

If they are consumed in large quantities and continuously, they can eventually affect the kidneys, although they can also cause physical discomfort and diarrhea with small doses.

Nuts ?

They cause vomiting, diarrhea and in general digestive problems. Walnuts, almonds or peanuts are forbidden foods especially when they are kittens and can seriously affect their kidneys.

I think of dogs?

The nutritional needs of a cat are different from those of a dog, that is why they should never be given food prepared especially for dogs, in the case of feed. There are feed specially prepared for cats and of high quality. Also, more and more people are opting for the Barf diet and a diet based on dehydrated food.

Symptoms that something is wrong?

You have to bear in mind that the cat is a strict carnivore, which means that meat should be the basis of its diet, so we must avoid processed food for humans at all costs. The high content of sodium and additives are harmful and although we think we are rewarding it, we are not doing them any favours.

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