Cats that stay small: breeds and characteristics

Cats that remain small exist and belong in particular to 5 breeds of which we will write to you in our article, with the possibility of deepening all the information on each breed with one of our dedicated articles.

To some it may seem strange, to someone else perhaps it is pleased that their cat remains apparently small forever, the fact is that this is precisely what happens to the kittens of the 5 breeds that we are about to illustrate. In alphabetical order they are:

  • Cornish Rex
  • American Curl
  • Devon Rex
  • Munchkin
  • Singapura

Cats that stay small: Cornish Rex

Little known and rare to meet, in Italy at least, the Cornish Rex breed is one of the least told but has some interesting characteristics. The animals that are part of it are small in size which, combined with their playful character, make them look decidedly like eternal kittens. The coat is soft and a little wavy, the appearance is very similar to that of Siamese cats, obviously young. They have a very intelligent character, are sociable and make you feel. With the owners they create very close relationships, often of dependence on sight.

Cats that stay small: American Curl

There are examples of American Curl with very different sizes but in most cases we are faced with small fake cats, that is small but not young in age. This is not their only strange feature, which makes them recognizable. In fact, the name suggests that the ears of this breed are folded (“curl”), and for this reason they must be cleaned and cared for more often than usual. These cats have a bright disposition, are gentle and not particularly stubborn. They love to play and are cheerful. They can be great to keep in the family, even around children who are often drawn to their puppy-like appearance and curious, cartoon-like ears.

Cats that stay small: Devon Rex

the Devon Rex look a bit like the Cornish Rex but they can be distinguished and on paper they belong to two different races. However, they have in common the small size. The body of the Devon Rex is small and slender, it makes a little impression in contrast to the huge ears that it finds itself. The hair is curly and soft, sometimes the mustache is also curled. The character of these cats is very active and intelligent.

Cats that stay small: Munchkin

The Munchkin‘s body is not particularly small, it looks like a slightly smaller cat than normal but is not immediately noticeable. The real difference in size is to be observed in the legs in the paws which are much shorter, in general and also with respect to the body. This makes the Munchkin a shorter cat than the others but this does not mean that it is not very agile, playful and active. He runs and moves normally, he has no motion problems because his short legs are due to a genetic mutation in the founding cats of this breed.

Cats that stay small: Singapura

We have come to tell the last breed of cats that remain small, the one to which the smallest specimens in the world belong. The Singapura are usually half of a normal cat, they have a short but also petite body, with large eyes and ears, which become the protagonists. Singapuras have an earthquake character, are active and playful at home, love to climb and don’t always get stuck in front of furniture barriers. The breed is related to the Abyssinian cat which however has Japanese origins while the American Singapura.

Cats that stay small: other breeds and crosses

There are other breeds characterized by the small size of the body of the kittens that are part of it but those that have this characteristic as essential are those described. We can also add the issue of hybrids, a category not to be underestimated because they could be potential single breeds. Take for example the Kinkalow (a cross between a Munchkin and an American Curl), Napoleon (a cross between a Munchkin and a Persian) and the Lambkin, a cross between a Selkirk Rex and a Munchkin.

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