Small Cats Breeds

Small Cats Breeds
Small Cats Breeds

There are some breeds of cats that are relatively small in size compared to others, so you can continue reading and discover what are the breeds of small cats, as well as those cases in which felines suffer from dwarfism.

Smaller cat breeds

We are going to know certain breeds of cats whose characteristic they share in particular is that of having specimens with a size from medium to small. These are the cutest feline breeds in the world:


This breed of cats has an average weight of between 3 and 4 kilograms for males and between 2 and 3 kilograms for females.

This is one of the best known feline breeds in the world due to this peculiar and adorable characteristic.

In addition to this, we can also say that it is one of the most recent breeds of cats, since it was discovered in the 80s. They come from the United States, this breed is considered the dachshund of felines for being short and long.

The fact that these cats have such a small stature is due to a genetic mutation, it was caused by the crossing between several races. It was from the year 1983 that this breed of cats began to become known and to create documentation about it.

They are usually known as a “miniature cat“, but in this breed, this name is incorrect, since they retain the size of the body of a “normal” cat, only that their legs are quite short.


  • Males are slightly larger than females.
  • They have short legs.
  • Their eyes are walnut-shaped and bright in color.
  • Their coat can be short or medium. All coat colors and patterns are accepted for this particular breed, with the exception of amber coat.

Devon rex

The weight of the cats of this breed ranges from 2 kilos to 4 kilos in a fairly standard average. They are considered one of the most intelligent cats.

Its origin dates back to 1960, it was at that time when the first specimen of the breed was born in the United Kingdom, Devon. They are quite affectionate cats and they tend to like very much to give and receive affection, in addition to that, they are excellent guardians because they love to watch over what their owners do.

It has certain characteristics in its coat that make this breed in particular considered a hypo-allergenic breed of cats.


  • The name of the breed refers to the place where the first specimen was born.
  • Their coat is generally short, quite dense and with a somewhat curly appearance.
  • Devon rex eyes are oval, bright, and piercing.
  • Its coat can have all kinds of color and pattern, as there is no preference for this breed.


This breed of cat was created by chance, so it is technically recent. It is a breed with unique characteristics that were rarely found in places other than its place of origin.

They are quite popular cats because they are very sweet and affectionate, so it is very easy to bond with them.

The breed was officially recognized in 1997, when the LPSA club was established, officially the standard characteristics of this beautiful breed.


  • They are medium-sized cats.
  • It has a fairly strong and fibrous body with well-defined musculature, which is not noticeable due to its fur.
  • Its hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones.
  • Its tail is slightly wider at the base and finer at the tip.
  • They have oval eyes with a color that matches the color of their fur.
  • Their coat can be short or medium long. However it is always curly.
  • They can have any color or pattern to their fur.


This breed of cats only weigh between 2 and 3 kilograms.

Although it is believed that its origin is Singapore, to date it is not known what is the real origin of this small breed of felines, at present, this is a highly debated topic so there are various theories that explain about it.

Some of these theories indicate that this breed was possibly created and developed within Singapore itself, while others believe that this was not its actual place of origin. In addition to its real provenance, the time this breed has in the world is also unknown until now.


  • It is considered the smallest in the world.
  • They have a round head and nice big ears.
  • Their coat is characterized by having a mixture of light brown and a little darker brown. The only accepted coat color for this breed is sepia brown.
  • It is recognized by many as the most beautiful cat in the world .
  • It is considered the cat of love


This is a breed of felines that have beautifully large eyes and cute little ears that are always upright, which lets us know immediately that we are in the presence of a cat with a very curious and at the same time affectionate character.

Something curious about this breed is that its name is wrong, since these cats are not from Abyssinia, the place that really corresponds to its name. These cats were also not worshiped by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. The reality is that this breed of cats is native to the jungle that is found in the southeast of the Asian continent .

The discovery of their true origin was thanks to advances and genetic modernity, because of her, it was possible to know that these cats have a mutation in their tabby genes, which is unique to this breed and has never been found in Egypt. or in Africa.


  • They are known as little cougars, as they share traits with this big cat.
  • They are quite light cats, generally they do not exceed 4 kilos.
  • They have large eyes that can be amber, green, or light brown in color. Which are always bordered with a darker color.
  • The coat of this breed has unique color characteristics.

Manx cat

This is one of the breeds with the most peculiarities due to its tail and the physical appearance that the breed in general presents. They are cats that have been known to win people’s hearts, as they have a tender and sweet look; They are characterized by being very affectionate and calm felines.

These cats are originally from the Isle of Man, it is located specifically between Ireland and Great Britain. The name that this breed has is shared with the name of the natives of its island of origin, since “manx” means “manés” which is actually the name attributed to the locals of that place.

Today, Manx are one of the most popular breeds in the world, as people love to keep them as pets.


  • This particular breed does not have a tail, this is the most striking feature of these felines. Although, if we leave generalism aside, it can be said that there are 5 types of Manx cats that are classified according to the traits of their “no tail”.
  • It has back legs a little longer than the front ones.
  • The coat of this breed is double , so they always give the feeling of being fluffy and serve as an insulator from weather conditions, especially cold.
  • The color of its coat is not particular , so any color is accepted for the breed.


The Bombay cat breed is one of the most popular and cute in the world. They have beautiful characteristics that make them unique and are known as ” little panthers ” due to the color of their fur and eyes.

This breed is very affectionate and does not like to be alone, they are attached to their owners, which is why they turn out to be excellent feline companions. They are very intelligent and their bright jet color makes them a very attractive species.


  • They have a muscular and marked body.
  • Its size is medium, not excessively large or too small.
  • The pads of its paws are completely black.
  • The coat of this feline breed is black azabache.

Feline dwarfism

When we talk about feline dwarfism, we are not referring to small cat breeds, but rather to a condition that has been caused by a genetic mutation which in most cases harms house cats.

The difference between dwarf cats and those “normal” felines that have characteristics that make them insufficient in size, is that dwarf cats generally suffer from osteochondrodysplasia .

It is a genetic disorder associated with the bones and cartilage of the animal’s body, which are presented by the characteristic of having very short legs.

Names for small cats

Among the most original and beautiful names for small male cats , we have:

  • Tom.
  • Simba.
  • Coconut.
  • Felix.
  • Kid.
  • Zeus.
  • Romeo.
  • Wild.
  • Titus.
  • Chisai.
  • Chibi.
  • Little

While among the names for female cats of small breed we can mention:

  • Moon.
  • Girl.
  • Kitty.
  • Lola
  • Fluff.
  • Mine.
  • Kira.
  • Misha.
  • Isis.
  • Lulu.
  • Chiqui.
  • Chisai.

Dreaming of very small cats, what does it mean?

According to some experts, dreaming of cats of a fairly small size means that those projects that you want to start or that have started but have not yet advanced, will gradually begin to grow and be successful.

In the case that it is an adult cat, but with a small size (dwarf cat), it could mean that in your life you have some insecurities that do not allow you to grow or advance. Ideally, you should overcome those fears or insecurities so that you can achieve those goals that you have set for yourself.

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