Can Cats eat Tofu?

Is it safe for cats to eat tofu, or is eating tofu dangerous for their health? Let’s find out the answer from the experts.

Before introducing a new food into your cat’s diet, it is good to inquire about the actual benefits of the food in question. Is it safe to feed tofu to your cat, or is it better to avoid it? Let’s see what effects taking this soy -based food has on feline health.

Can the cat eat tofu? Benefits and contraindications

Tofu is a food of vegetable origin, obtained by curdling soy milk and pressing the mixture into blocks. The production process of this food, therefore, is very similar to that used in the dairy industry.

Since felines are lactose intolerant, some might think that tofu is not only a good alternative to meat, being an excellent source of vegetable protein, but also a substitute for dairy products.

Although this food is naturally lactose-free, feeding cat tofu is equally not recommended. In fact, even this food can cause intestinal disorders, including vomiting and diarrhea in the cat.

The reason is that the animal does not have an enzyme necessary to digest some of the sugars contained within the tofu.

Soy and cat derivatives: yes or no?

In addition to not being recommended to feed tofu to the cat, soy and its other derivatives are also not recommended in the cat’s diet. In fact, although this legume is not toxic for the animal’s body, it can negatively affect its health.

Soy contains phytoestrogens, which are natural substances with a structure similar to that of female hormones. The effect they have on the feline? From interfering with the cat’s blood flow to increasing the cat’s risk of cancer.

Not only that: the intake of this food can inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients, also causing serious deficiencies. Just as it is advisable for cats not to eat tofu and soy, soy milk should also be avoided.

In fact, this drink contains raffinose and stachi, which are two sugars that the cat is unable to digest. Although, therefore, soy milk is of plant origin, the effects it produces on the cat are very similar to those of cow’s milk.

Beware of animal feeds on the market

Now that we have seen that the cat cannot eat tofu, as well as soy and its other derivatives, it is appropriate to focus on the ingredients contained within cat food. These legumes are not only part of human nutrition, but are also used as feed for farm animals.

In addition, in recent years, soy has become an increasingly present component in cat foods. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the back of the package. In fact, it’s important to buy products that don’t use fillers like gluten, soy, and corn.

In the long run, the intake of these foods could cause eating disorders in the cat.

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