Can cats eat sardines?

Felines love fish, but can they really eat any kind of fish? Let’s see if cats can eat sardines.

Anyone living with a feline is aware of its curiosity and its being very greedy, especially when it comes to human foods such as fish.

However, to safeguard the health of our four-legged friend, it is advisable to be aware of what the latter can and cannot eat. Let’s see together if cats can eat sardines.

Can cats eat sardines?

Human parents of felines very often like to share their food with their furry friends.

This is only possible if you are aware of the foods that the feline can and cannot eat. Cats are known to be crazy about fish, but can they eat any kind of fish? Can felins eat sardines?

Yes, our four-legged friends can eat sardines, as the latter are not only very beneficial for humans, but they are also beneficial for our furry friends.

In fact, sardines are a very nutritious food for our four-legged friends, as they contain: mineralsproteinsomega 3 fatty acids and vitamins.

In addition, sardines are rich in water, and can be a good source for cats that eat dry food. All these nutrients are very useful, as:

  • They make the cat’s coat shiny and healthy;
  • They help regulate the immune system;
  • Strengthen the cat’s bones;
  • They reduce inflammation;
  • They promote cardiovascular well-being.

Although sardines are great food for your cat, they don’t contain all the nutrients your cat needs. For this reason, it is advisable that this type of fish is offered to the cat as an addition to daily food and not a substitute for it.

Risks of sardines for cats

Although sardines are beneficial for the cat, there are some risks that the kitty could run especially if he eats large quantities of this food.

In fact, the cat could suffer from diarrhea, due to the large quantities of natural oil present in sardines. Furthermore, since this fish, like any other fish, contains thorns, it is advisable to pay attention to the latter to prevent the cat from suffocating.

How and how many sardines can cats eat

Having established that the cat can eat sardines, how can we feed them to the kitty?

First of all it is recommended to buy sardines in water for your feline, and avoid those in oil as they are rich in oil and salt, harmful foods for the cat.

Even fresh sardines, cooked without seasonings or frozen sardines can be offered to the feline. However, it would be advisable to blend them and then add them to the cat’s daily food.

As for the quantity, a sardine a day can be enough for the nutritional needs of the feline. However, it would be advisable to ask your veterinarian for advice.

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