Can Cats eat Mortadella?

Can cats eat mortadella? Can sausages be toxic to his health or is he given a little extra every now and then? Let’s try to understand what are the risks and dangers that are hidden in this food, if included in the feline diet.

We know that the cat would eat anything. Even if it is an animal that can smell the food it has in its bowl, it is always curious to taste and to let its palate try new flavors. Due to this characteristic, we need to be even more careful about the foods we choose to supply. In this case, we wonder if the cat can eat mortadella and cold cuts. Can this food be good for our feline or does it risk damaging it?

The feline and the cold cuts: what is important to know!

The cat is always intrigued by the food its owner eats. Some foods we consume can be given to our furry dog ​​while others can be toxic and harmful to his health. The cold cuts tempt the feline, always ready to go for a piece of salami or ham. Let’s read more.

Rarely a cat is able to understand for himself if the food he has on his plate can be harmful to him, even if he perceives it he tends to trust his owner. Therefore, it is necessary to be well informed about the possible dangers of a food such as mortadella and, in general, cold cuts. It is important to take care of our dog, starting with a healthy and correct diet.

Even if the cat is a carnivorous animal and loves to eat meat, it is not certain that everything we eat is good for him. The feline appreciates human food very much, it is a truth, but we must always be careful to offer it in small quantities and only in particular situations, such as extras or small prizes. An incorrect amount of a harmful food can be dangerous if not lethal to the animal.

The cat, like the dog, has a different intestine than ours. The digestive process of the feline can have difficulty with the presence of too many toxins from the meat. A diet based mainly on the consumption of meat can do a lot of harm to the cat, as it is tame and accustomed to the slower rhythms of a quieter life, compared to a wild cat. The improper diet could lead to gastritis, arthritis and other diseases.

There are foods not recommended and absolutely forbidden in the feline diet, foods such as: onion, garlic, chocolate and sweets, raw chicken, raw fish, milk and cheese, avocado. We don’t underestimate raw eggs, tomatoes, and toxic substances like caffeine, alcohol, tea, and sugary drinks. Having read this list of foods on which to pay constant attention for the health of the feline, let’s see which list includes cold cuts and mortadella.

Sausages include lard, salami, ham, sausages, dried products, are foods that contain a lot of fat and salt. The high amount of fat in these foods can be very dangerous for the feline and promote pancreatitis in cats with other ailments due to insufficient water and too much salt.

Can cats eat mortadella? A dangerous food

As we have seen, among the foods that his master brings to the table, the cat is tempted to take a piece of salami or raw ham and even mortadella would not be able to resist. Let’s see if we can offer him some mortadella or if it’s bad for him.

Our cat can eat cold cuts, every now and then and in very small rations and only those with a low salt content and without pepper. We can say that too salty food is very bad for the animal, it could tire the cat’s kidneys, which are very delicate. You can offer the cat a few slices of turkey breast or raw ham, trying to choose the one with the least amount of salt.

These are also carcinogenic, poisonous, sometimes harmful even for us humans, which can also cause ailments such as diarrhea in cats and cramps, as well as inflammation. The cat can go crazy for any sliced ​​meat, including mortadella, which it can find very tasty, but it is recommended to avoid giving mortadella, to avoid cat diseases due to food , even if there is not much ready food.

In some cases, we could try to feed our furry dog ​​a frankfurter or always some turkey to be put in the pan first. For any doubts about the most suitable food to provide to our cat, we can contact our trusted veterinarian. He will be able to clarify the healthiest foods for him and how to choose among the best industrial foods for the cat’s diet.

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