Can Cats eat Kiwi?

Can cats eat kiwi? Can this fruit with such a pungent flavor and famous beneficial properties be offered among the fruit suitable for our cat? Let’s find out if there are benefits for him too and if it can be harmful.

Fruit is a food category that is essential for the health and well-being of our furry pet. Although the cat is a carnivorous animal, which prefers meat over vegetables and lighter foods, fruit can bring numerous benefits to the animal, thanks to the important nutrients it also needs. So let’s see if the cat can eat kiwi and if this fruit can be good for him.

The feline and fruit: the best for him

The cat eats fruit even if it doesn’t go crazy. There are some fruits more appreciated than others and suitable for feline feeding. Let’s find out which fresh fruits are tastier for him and which are the best for his physical well-being.

To guarantee the pet a healthy and balanced diet, it is not enough to provide him with suitable meat and vegetables. Fruit also plays an important role in maintaining the psychological and physical health of the cat. There are fruits that are more pleasing to your palate and that have many properties and benefits for your delicate body. Here is which fruit is suitable for the cat.

The first fruit that we can name on this list is the apple. Apparently, the apple is not a complete fruit only for us humans, but it can also be consumed by animals, including our beloved cat. This fruit, rich in water, vitamins and antioxidants, promotes its hydration, eliminating toxins and helping its kidneys. The apple also prevents cell aging and keeps its fur nice and shiny.

Before letting the dog eat the apple, however, make sure to wash it well and eliminate all its seeds since these, if ingested by the cat, can be toxic if not lethal for him. As for its consumption, being a sugary fruit, it is always better not to overdo the portions, remembering to offer it in small chunks, because its stomach is more delicate.

Among the fruit always present on our table there is also the banana. This fruit is very suitable for the cat and seems to be highly sought after by the furry, although every cat has its own tastes. Containing many nutrients such as potassium, it is useful for protecting muscles and nerves. In it, then, we find many vitamins B and C. The vitamin B6 of the banana, in particular, helps the absorption of proteins in the feline.

Pear is another great fruit for the hairy gut, thanks to the large amount of water and fiber. Along with minerals and vitamins, the pear heals the animal’s cells and helps in the prevention of disease. Attention, also here, to the seeds of the fruit and to the right portion for the furry. Also included in the list of fruits suitable for the cat are blackberries and blueberries, so loved by us for our rich and tasty breakfasts or for delicious snacks.

Blackberries and blueberries are also great for wild animals and have many benefits. Blackberries are very popular with cats and are very rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They contain large quantities of water, therefore they purify and tone. However, their excessive consumption can have a laxative effect in the animal. Blueberries are also antioxidants, full of vitamins. Berries are not part of the forbidden fruit for cats. He will not resist!

The cat can eat kiwi: here are its benefits

Kiwi is a fruit that is quite popular with cats, due to its sour and particular taste. Let’s read what its properties are and if there are any tricks for our charming domestic companion.

Kiwi is a highly sought after and consumed fruit in the world. Considered a powerful protection and purification tool for the body and for health, it can be eaten by the feline. It is a fruit rich in vitamin C, copper and iron. These substances make the fruit an excellent medicine for us and for the cat. Kiwifruit regulates heart functions and arterial pressure. With a difficult flavor, it is a very precious fruit!

The cat is an animal that rarely recognizes the sweet taste, which is why it greatly appreciates a fruit like kiwi, with its bitter and unique taste, especially if it is not yet ripe. The kiwi, being very rich in water, as we have said, promotes diuresis in the feline, improving its entire urinary tract and preventing inflammation in the cat.

Its entire immune system will benefit, the fibers contained in the fruit can defend the intestinal flora in the animal, favoring the whole intestine, regenerating and detoxifying our furry. We will immediately notice the difference in our cat, through its energy and its daily liveliness. Even kiwi, however, if consumed in large quantities, can cause risks and inconveniences, such as diarrhea in cats, gas.

The recommendations regarding these fruits and the administration of the fruit, in general, for our cat friend, are important and easy to remember. Any fruit containing seeds must always be cleaned of them, because these can block its delicate intestine and, if offered during meals, can create fermentation in the animal.

Cut the fruit into very small parts and always in minimal quantities, not only for the safety of our cat but also to accustom him slowly to the taste of delicate and new flavors, so as to make him appreciate even the less common fruit and more suitable for the healthy nutrition of the cat.

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