Can Cats eat Honey?

Are you wondering if honey is good or bad for your kitty? Let’s see together if cats can eat honey or not.

Domestic cats are very picky animals when it comes to adding something to their diet, as they are used to eating kibble, cans and sometimes even homemade food.

However, there are some foods that can be very beneficial to your kitty’s health. Let’s see together if honey belongs to this category or it would be advisable to avoid offering it to the cat, since it is a sweet food.

Can cats eat honey?

Although honey is a sweet food, the cat can eat it without any problem. This is because this food is completely natural.

However, care must be taken not to replace any type of essential cat food with honey and give the latter to the cat in moderation.

This is because feline bodies are not designed to process sugars, so they would have trouble digesting this food if in excessive quantities. It also could cause cat stomach problems.

However, honey can be beneficial for your cat, as it can:

  • Energize the cat
  • Help the cat overcome gastritis problems
  • Helps fight infections
  • It is useful for healing the cat’s wounds

When and how to give honey to the cat

As previously mentioned, honey does not belong to the category of foods that are harmful to cats, although you must always pay attention to the quantities.

It is possible to give honey to a cat from the fifth to eighth week of life as an addition to milk. Then when the cat is an adult it would be advisable to give him honey only in case of need.

For example, it may be helpful to offer your cat honey when it is sick. In this way the feline can strengthen its immune system and regain energy.

Furthermore, honey is also thought to be useful in relieving allergy symptoms in cats, just like it is for us humans.

However, before proceeding to offer your feline honey, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.

Honey for the cat’s wounds

There are various types of honey, one of these is specific for medical use, useful for healing wounds, even of our four-legged friends.

In case your vet agrees to use honey as a healing agent, it should be applied to the wound every day until it is healed.

When not to give honey to the cat

Although there are some situations in which honey could be useful for your four-legged friend, there are situations in which this food can be “harmful” for the cat, such as when:

  • The cat has diabetes
  • The feline is overweight
  • The cat has a weakened immune system

It is also advisable never to give honey to the kitten before 5 weeks of life as its immune system is not fully developed and honey may contain bacteria.

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