Can Cats eat Hazelnuts?

With autumn, dried fruit is also on its way: can cats eat hazelnuts? Let’s see what the experts say together!

Raise your hand if you have never shared food with your cat! Each of us, at least once, has succumbed to the pleading requests of the cat, perhaps breaking a very small part of what we were eating. But it is always good to inquire first if it is healthy for the feline: for example, can the cat eat hazelnuts? Let’s find out together.

An obligate carnivore

The cat, as we know, is a small parlor tiger. Proud, independent, agile, elegant, even spiteful. And perhaps this is precisely why we love him so much. The cat, however, does not resemble its larger feline cousins ​​only in appearance and physical characteristics.

Even the menu, always made the due proportions, is the same as the other felines. The cat’s diet must be mainly based on meat. How many? About 90%. In other words, the cat is an obligate carnivore.

The rest of his menu does not leave room for much else, even if a good variety is guaranteed: fish of course, but also cereals, and eggs. What about fruit? Let’s say it’s a human addition to her food diary.

Fruit is not part of a cat’s natural diet. This means that the feline in nature does absolutely without it. This does not mean that however he cannot eat it, albeit in modest quantities.

Can cats eat hazelnuts?

Of course, despite having understood that the feline can eat fruit in modest quantities, it is good to specify that there are various foods that it cannot eat: in short, there is a list of fruit that is prohibited for cats, which is important to know to avoid unpleasant consequences.

And is it the same for hazelnuts? Unfortunately yes, the cat cannot eat hazelnuts, so you will have to include them in the list of forbidden fruits. Although they are very tasty autumn fruits and rich in benefits for humans if consumed in the right quantity, the same is not true for our little tiger.

Readers should be reassured: hazelnuts are not poisonous to cats. This means that if the cat ingests a few nuts, there is no need to take him to the vet. The problem is related to the fact that the cat is unable to extract energy from plants.

Eating hazelnuts for cats on an ongoing basis can cause weight gain, with all the problems related to feline obesity.

Some useful advice

Here are some little tips to keep in mind for the fall season:

  • It is not necessary to ban these fruits: if the cat wants to taste the hazelnuts, you can let him eat them. The important thing is that the quantities are small and that the consumption is not habitual;
  • If you notice that the cat likes hazelnuts, avoid leaving them in accessible places where he can easily take them;
  • Keep the cat away from chocolate covered hazelnuts, which is bad for the feline.

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