Balinese Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

A cat that takes its name from its sinuous movements, reminiscent of a dancer

The Balinese cat is the cousin of the Siamese and is a docile life partner. Let’s understand what its distinctive features are, also to raise it at its best.

The Balinese cat originates from the United States and is classified in the category of Siamese and Oriental cats. The name is American and comes from the association between the sinuous movements of the cat with the dancing women of Bali.

It is a very well known breed also in the United States. There are many people who decide to raise a Balinese at home, appreciating its aesthetic qualities and good character.

Balinese cat: the story

The birth of the breed is traced back to 1920, but official recognition took place only in 1961. The intent was to introduce a new variety of longhaired Siamese cats.

Thus began the mating with angora cats, but the first attempts failed, because the cats continued to keep the hair short, this being a dominant trait. The variety came out only later, in 1950, and a few years later it was presented at a cat show for the first time, arousing the interest of many.

Balinese Cat : appearance

In graceful and elegant ways, this cat is fully reminiscent of the Siamese. 

Thin (the weight varies between 2 and 5 kg) , proportionate and slender, however, it has a much finer and more superb posture. It is a medium-sized cat , with long, thin legs, small paws. It is very rare to see an obese Balinese!

  • The dark mask fills a large part of its face, characterized by the triangular shape. 
  • The eyes are almond-shaped and of an intense blue color
  • The ears are very large and pointed. 
  • The thick and long tail ends with a nice plume.
  • The coat is soft and pleasant to stroke. The undercoat is not abundant.

Among the colors allowed we have cream, ivory and brindle, with points on the legs, tail and ears, of different shades in combination. In America only  seal points, chocolate points, blue points and lilac points are allowed. All other colors are identified as Javanese, a variety not recognized in Europe.

Balinese Cat : character

The character of this cat is also similar to that of the Siamese. It is affectionate and does not disdain cuddles. However it maintains its independence. It may be possessive and jealous if you have other animals in the house and coexistence is not necessarily fruitful and peaceful.

Balinese Cat tends to meow whenever it needs to signal its needs, but the sound is more delicate than other breeds. It lives well in the apartment, adapting to the daily life of his owners. If you live in humid and cold environments, it may be affected. Socialize with all family members, especially children, with whom it spends a lot of time playing.

The ideal would be to have a garden where it can run around independently, needing to move and unload. it also tolerates loneliness well, obviously without exaggerating. If you take a cat with you, try to evaluate your habits well. Animals, regardless of their nature, need attention and care.

Balinese Cat : breeding

In United States, there are numerous farms of this breed, but before venturing always check that they are certified structures. You could always find some specimens to adopt , although, being a very renowned breed, you have to be careful not to fall into nasty traps.

Balinese Cat : price

The price of the Balinese is very high, around $800 to $1200 USD. There are generally no excessive expenses involved in maintenance. It is a strong-tempered cat, well resistant to disease.

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