Bad breath in Cats: causes, remedies

The bad breath in cats is a problem that does not always repair all owners. Some are not very careful about this issue and either do not realize the problem, or they ignore it. There are those who are not even apprehensive about this bad mouth odour.

In the first place, noting that this halitosis, the technical name by which this problem is known, has nothing to do with the more or less common bad smell of cats’ mouths. Apart from noticing this extraordinary circumstance, you can also check if  it lasts over time. In either of these two cases you have reason to worry.

Keep in mind that, on many occasions,  symptoms such as halitosis are the external manifestations of a  more serious internal health complication. In these cases, you should take your pet immediately to the veterinarian’s office, where they can inform you about whether bad breath has something to do with a deterioration in their physical condition.

Next, we delve into the causes of bad breath in these felines. Pay attention.

Bad breath in cats and its causes

In the following lines we analyze bad breath in cats and its cause. Take note of them.


In some cases cats can accumulate tartar from eating too much dry food. There are also intolerances to certain processed foods that we take for granted. All of these can result in a bad smell on your breath, as a result of more difficult digestions.

Periodontal diseases

In the same way that occurs in people, the accumulation of food debris and saliva can cause tartar to form, which will harden and lead to bacterial plaque. Gingivitis will then appear, a disease characterized by the appearance of inflammation in the gums, which will appear redder. If you do not intervene, it can lead to complications when chewing, infections and tooth loss. Even the disease can manifest itself in other areas of the body.


They are inflammations, infections or tumors that occur in the mouth and cause halitosis.

Tumors typical of cancers

Bad breath is generated by those that have arisen in the mouth, nose and esophagus.

Inflammations in the oral cavity

We refer to diseases such as eosinophilic granuloma, which occur in the feline’s mouth and explain the bad smell from its mouth.

Breathing difficulties

These are, broadly speaking, tumors or infections in areas such as the pharynx and throat, nose and sinuses. These complications are also related to bad breath in cats.

Skin infections

Those near the mouth can cause mouth odor

Kidney diseases

Especially chronic kidney failure , which is very common in older cats. The increases in the percentages of urea in the blood associated with this condition also have an impact on halitosis in cats.


If you notice that the bad smell in the cat’s mouth has a slightly fruity secondary aroma, it may be due to diabetes.

Foreign bodies

Finally, it is not an unknown situation for a cat to bite or swallow objects (such as, for example, some textiles). Therefore, when their pieces decompose inside the animal, they will cause part of their fetid odors to be expelled by the breath.

How to remove bad breath from cats?

If you are wondering how to get rid of bad breath in cats, the first answer we can give you is to contact your trusted veterinarian. This animal health professional will take into account the above causes when making a diagnosis, in addition to applying modern assessment tools to test their condition.

When it comes to exhaustively exploring your cat, you can resort to sedating it if it resists. The appropriate tests will be carried out to assess what treatment to follow and, if necessary, additional tests will be carried out.

There will be a special fixation on the mouth, teeth and gums. In this sense, if a gingival disease has been detected, an oral cleaning with general anesthesia will be prescribed and the damaged teeth will be extracted.

A diet adapted to the circumstances of the animal will also avoid the stench from the mouth.

Finally, when infections have arisen in the respiratory tract or diabetes is suffered, the veterinarian will opt for a comprehensive treatment, which will not only be applied in the mouth.

Why does my cat’s mouth smell bad?

If you ask yourself  because my cat’s mouth smells bad, it  is because prevention measures to combat halitosis have failed. One of the first things you should keep in mind is not to neglect your oral hygiene. In this regard, remember to choose a diet designed only for cats  and do not give them “human food”, which does not suit their needs.

You can also brush their teeth frequently using specific products for them. Also, don’t forget to take your pet to the vet at least once a year.

The main cause of bad breath in these animals is gum disease. Therefore, if you get an early detection of this problem, it will be less expensive to reverse your oral stench.

In short,  bad breath in cats, in addition to being unpleasant, can indicate dangerous health problems. So you should know its origins and what to do to eradicate this problem.

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