Bad breath in cats: causes, remedies and prevention

Does your cat have bad breath? Bad breath is a common and widespread problem, it can have various causes and remedies: all the advice.

It happens that our cat has bad breath. This depends on several factors related to teeth cleaning. A rather common and widespread problem that affects domestic felines in adulthood. The best solution is prevention, however, cleaning the cat’s teeth is a topic that is not often addressed. To avoid bad breath it is therefore essential to take care of the cat’s teeth, starting with nutrition.

Problems with cat teeth

Cat dental disorders can result from various factors such as gingivitis, tooth decay, tartar or excessive salivation up to food intolerances.

The first alarm bell in case of dental disorders is bad breath, accompanied by other common symptoms, including redness of the gums, yellow-brown tartar and excessive salivation, up to chewing problems and consequently slimming of the animal.

Signs that could indicate a mild or more or less serious disorder in the cat:

  • gingivitis (inflammation of the gums);
  • caries at an advanced stage;
  • periodontitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • difficulty in the digestion of the cat;
  • dental infections that can spread to affect other organs such as the liver, kidneys and stomach;
  • ulcers.

As for the smell of breath can vary. If it exonerates a smell similar to urine, it could indicate a kidney disease, while a more fruity smell could indicate the onset of diabetes.

More severe symptoms such as smelly smell accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite and yellowish mucous membranes are signs of a liver infection.

How to prevent bad breath in cats

Observing the cat helps to understand the problem, also checking inside the mouth. Regularly taking the cat to the vet helps prevent dental infections of various kinds.

For young specimens, a veterinary visit once a year is sufficient, while for older specimens, twice a year.

In case of the appearance of tartar, specialized dental care will be required for the removal of tartar, with in some cases the removal of damaged teeth and care for plaque.

Nutrition to cure bad breath

Feeding the cat is crucial for the teeth.

Dry food, such as kibble for cats, prevents bad breath. In fact, the chopped and nibbled crunchy keeps the cat’s teeth clean, preventing the formation of tartar.

Another factor that affects the formation of tartar is water. The cat must drink at least 300-500 ml of water per day so that there is no accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity.

It is also suggested, for elderly specimens or specimens predisposed to the formation of tartar, to resort to specific foods for dental care,in order to prevent the formation of plaque and the onset of bad breath.

Cleaning cat teeth

Among other methods for prevention, it is possible to accustom the cat from a puppy to cleaning teeth.

We have already talked in the past about how to make a homemade cat toothpaste. It can be a great idea.

There are specific toothpastes for cats on the market also in spray format. It will be enough to clean the teeth twice a week to avoid the formation of tartar.

Among other preventive methods, cat grass is an efficient natural remedy for bad breath. Cats nibble on grass that smells in the mind and maintains the oral hygiene of the domestic feline.

Therapies for feline dental disorders

First of all it is necessary to identify the cause of halitosis: if it is a mild problem, or an infection, or a more serious pathology, perhaps related to the organs.

Depending on the type of disorder and the diagnosis, the veterinarian may opt for different interventions or therapies. He will choose the removal of plaque, or drug therapies based on antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.

change of diet for the cat may also be required, with a diet based on hypoallergenic foods, or specifically designed for problems of the oral cavity.

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