9 different cat sounds that do they mean?

Cats don’t just say “meow”, quite the contrary! There are many their verses and sounds, and each one has a very specific meaning. Between purring, hissing, growling, screaming, and much more, we ask ourselves: what do these cat sounds mean?

It is not yet clear how many sounds or noises a cat can make, even ethologists have not yet defined a precise number. It is assumed that there are up to a hundred, although there are about ten used mainly every day. Obviously each cat has its own character, and its language will be linked to a real personal dictionary. Maybe our cat uses a particular sound to express some sensation, while another cat like him will use the same sound for a different reason.

The particular sounds

Usually we link the idea of ​​the cat’s cry to the simple meow, but in reality if we have ever had a cat we already know that cats know how to change their verses beyond the simple “meow”. There are several very strange verses that cats know how to use, let’s see their meaning.

Imitate birds

When our cat is at the window pointing at birds, we may hear it make a chirping sound of its ideal prey, interspersed with a sound similar to a “click”. This is a verse that the cat uses to frighten the birds in total hunter mode.

By mixing the imitation of the bird sound (the chirping) with a repetitive threatening sound (the “click”), the cats are attempting to instill terror in their prey before going into battle.

The friendly trill

When the cat makes a sound similar to a meow, but shorter and increasing in pitch, it is a communication of positive enthusiasm. Basically, she is replying “Yes!” to something that happens, for example when we are preparing his baby food Di him.

The having

Although rare, it can happen that the cat makes a sound similar to a dog’s barking. Science tells us that the reason is due to the similarity in the cat and dog of the larynx, trachea and other parts of the throat. The reason closest to us, however, is that of his ego: by imitating the dog, he is practically putting him in a bad light, almost. He is belittling the dog’s primitive language.

The bleating

It’s not very clear what a cat bleat means, but when it makes a sound like a lamb it’s certainly adorable!

The saying “mom” (mom)

Some viral videos on the web show cats appearing to be saying “mom” to their owner. Of course, it may seem impossible and we could even say that it is a kind of coincidence, but certainly it could only please us to teach our cat a few words.

The nocturnal lament

When the cat starts complaining at midnight it is certainly unpleasant for his roommates. It can happen for simple hunger, sometimes even at night our cats want to eat, and certainly the best method to make us feel their presence is to complain and whine, even in the middle of the night.

The demonic growl

One of the most anger-related sounds, when the cat emits a guttural growl that appears to be coming from the bottom of the stomach, means that something around it is wrong. Usually, it is something related to our presence, or something we forgot to do: for example, offer him some nibbles in the last two hours. We try never to hear this threatening sound.

Running from a standstill

You know those cartoons in which a character runs in place for a few seconds before flying off? Cats can do this, usually during a play session, or when hit by a drop of water. The sound of a cat’s claws running frantically without actually moving is always funny.

The siren in her sleep

Being a cat is really hard work, you have to be able to fit 16 hours of naps and naps into a day. Of course, sometimes their dreams become so vivid that they are vocal. The sounds of our cat during sleep almost seem like rather silent moans, mixed with happy chirps.

Other more common cat sounds

We have thus seen most of the cat sounds that actually mean. Of course, in addition to the sounds described above, we have those we all already know: the purring, the meowing, the murmuring. In any case, as already mentioned, each cat has the personality of him, which makes each cat capable of communicating his feelings in its own way.

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