10 ways to play with a cat

How to play with a cat is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have if you live with them, it is also something very important and necessary, especially if you spend hours away from home

1. All cats have a type of toy that they pay more attention to and a way of using it that is more suggestive. If the first one is not correct, nothing happens, the important thing is to understand that both the toys for cats, and the use they will give them, are determining factors in the success when choosing them.

2. Scientific studies say that we must dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to playing with our cats, because although it is true that they play alone, they also need to do so with the people who share their lives with them.

3. When your cat is stressed or even aggressive, it may be because it is simply bored. Scratching the furniture, biting the feet, eating the plants, can be a way of telling you that he wants you to play with them and listen to it.

4. Remember that cats are great hunters and in the wild, much of their time is spent hunting and getting food. It is important that you use this quality of its, to activate and stimulate it by chasing lures or toys that have the function of awakening this instinct such as mice and stuffed animals.

5. The interactive cat toys are undoubtedly one of the most like because they encourage their agility and intelligence and allowed to spend time and fun activity, independently, although you’re not at home.

6. Kittens rely on games to explore their environment, but above all so that little by little they develop their cognitive abilities and the hunter instinct that they carry within. A kitten that plays as a child and as it grows, is a happy cat, because through play it relates to its environment and the people it lives with.

7. The Catnip is a good way to encourage physical activity of cats, for active cognitive system, so use it so that it forms part of a toy or scraper, it is a good idea to find it stimulating.

8. When we stop playing with a cat, it is important to collect all the toys, so that it does not see them as something normal within its space and does not get tired. We must therefore collect them and take them out for the games sessions.

9. It is better to choose small toys, which can bite or catch, than large ones. Interactive toys with sounds and lights are also highly recommended, because they activate all their senses and they will play with more intensity. The tunnels cats are also highly recommended, because they like to hide and play from within.

10. The older a cat is, the more inactive it becomes, that is a reality, but that is not why we should stop playing with them, on the contrary. You should intensify the gaming sessions to avoid spending a lot of time sleeping and to exercise, preventing you from gaining overweight or lack of appetite.

As you can see, playing with your cat is something that should be routine, as a way to help it feel better. Also through play, emotional and social ties are established.

It is important to bear in mind that if a cat does not play, it may be the reason for a veterinary consultation, because it may be wanting to tell us that it may have some ailment or disorder.

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