10 aromatic herbs and spices that are healthy for cats

Here is the list of 10 aromatic herbs and spices that are healthy for cats: thanks to their beneficial properties they have important effects on the health of our feline friend

As in the case of humans, even for animals the intake of some aromatic herbs, plants and spices can have particular benefits on their organism.

In this article we talk about the 10 aromatic herbs and spices that are healthy for our beloved cat, listing the main beneficial properties they can have on cat.

10 herbs and spices that are healthy for cats:

Anti-inflammatory, purifying, antioxidant or calming…

The beneficial properties of herbs and spices are so many, but not all plants are good for our furry friend.

Below we list those that certainly have positive effects on cat, helping him to solve certain health problems through their occasional or constant intake over time.

1. Catnip

Catnip is a medicinal plant loved by cats, who are strongly attracted to it: we can consider it as the main among the feline herbs. It is a kind of exciting, which frees our four-legged friends from stress and nervousness thanks to the presence of its volatile cyclopentanoid monoterpenes, which are able to make cat carefree for some time. It almost seems that a kind of addiction is generated, whereby a cat who discovers the beneficial effects will be led to look for it again. In addition, an infusion of cat grass seems to be an excellent remedy for soothing scratches and itching of the skin of cats.

2. Garlic

Garlic is rich in antioxidant, antiviral and expectorant properties: it is a powerful antibacterial, especially useful for combating intestinal parasites and at the same time strengthens the immune system of cat.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is very effective for the treatment of intestinal colic and flatulence in cats. As in the case of humans, it also has calming and relaxing effects on cats, with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. The only care that must be taken is not to give our cat English Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), which is toxic for him.

4. Licorice root

It may sound strange, but licorice root is a kind of natural cortisone for felines , an ideal remedy to soothe the itch caused by allergies. Not only that, it is also excellent for dealing with digestive and breathing problems, with anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Coriander

Coriander is very useful for naturally stimulating the cat’s appetite, so it can be inserted into the food of the bowl to also highlight the food. It also promotes the elimination of intestinal gas and digestion, relieving intestinal pain.

6. Cloves

Cloves mainly have a vermifuge function: they help cat detoxify from intestinal worms and in general to counteract all types of parasites.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an important source of fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and its use is recommended in case of cough or for the treatment of respiratory problems in cats.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric has beneficial effects as an anti- inflammatory and antioxidant. Its constant use over time seems to prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer, both in humans and in animals. In fact, it helps to strengthen the body and the immune system and supports the digestive system with energizing and purifying powers.

9. Ginger

Ginger has antispasmodic and digestive properties, so it can be used in cases of diarrhea, colic and flatulence with positive effects on the cat. Its regular consumption helps prevent the onset of diseases by improving the functioning of the circulatory system.

10. Rosemary

Rosemary has multiple beneficial properties. It is an excellent cardiovascular tonic, it is antioxidant, antimicrobial, astringent and analgesic. It helps in the expulsion of intestinal gas and, added to food, is able at the same time to stimulate the cat’s appetite and to act as a very useful natural food preservative.

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