What is a scraper for cats and what is it for?

The  scrapers for cats are indispensable for the cats who live at home. Our pets need to file their nails, blow off steam, and play. Without a doubt, it is an object of first necessity for both your physical and mental health. At Petlifey, we explain what a cat scratcher is and what it is for.

What is a cat scratcher?

Basically, a scratching post is a piece of wood covered with rope or carpet. Its function is that the animal can wear down its nails, play, de-stress and mark territory.

It’s usually in an upright position (that’s why it’s called a scratching post), but a carpeted or rope-covered board laid flat on the floor or leaning against a wall may be just as suitable. Scratchers can be made at home or purchased at pet stores.

In pet stores you can also find “cat castles”, large cylinders completely covered by rope and carpet, wide enough for your cat to doze inside them.

Whatever your choice, keep in mind that the device must be sturdy, with a base heavy enough to prevent it from tipping over. If not, your animal will not use it but will prefer to sharpen its nails on something more resistant, for example, a sofa.

What is a cat scratcher for?

A cat has to take care of its claws to prevent them from ingrown or becoming infected. Stray cats keep their claws in good shape through use. But not home pets, and if they don’t have a scratching post, they can sharpen their nails on a piece of furniture or sofa.

To avoid this, scrapers were designed. Which also serve to:

  • File nail: cats renew their nails from time to time. But they must always have them in perfect condition. They should not be too long so that they do not incarnate. For this reason, the scraper serves to file and wear down the nails.
  • Release stress: cats also need to release tension and using the scratching post works very well for them.
  • Stretching and exercises: cat scratchers are used for cats to play with and stretch. Something that is essential for your muscles, joints and bones.
  • Mark the playing territory: cats need to claim and mark some areas of the house as their own and thus reinforce their natural instinct.
  • Protect furniture: having a cat scratcher at home we prevent the animal from scratching the sofa, curtains and other furniture.

How to teach a cat to use the scratching post?

Your new kitten or cat may have been taught to use a scratching post instead of their furniture or rugs to exercise their nails. If not, educating the cat in this regard will not be difficult.

Every time she exercises her nails, bring her closer to the scratching post, put her claws on it, and move them over the post. The urge to exercise will continue to be present and the cat will continue to scratch. Repeat this a few times and the cat will learn quickly.

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