Weight loss cat: causes and what to do

The causes of feline weight loss are different, but what to do when the cat loses weight? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you have noticed that your cat has lost weight or eats less than usual or has not changed anything in his diet but continues to lose weight, you must necessarily act without losing any more time. The causes of feline weight loss are many; you will therefore have to take him to the vet for a diagnosis and have him follow a diet that allows him to regain the weight he lost.

So let’s see what are the possible causes of cat weight loss and the solutions to help them get better.

Why did the cat lose weight?

The causes of a cat’s weight loss are many, in the list below you will find the most common ones but know that the only one who can make a correct diagnosis to Kitty is the veterinarian so no do it yourself, please!

Digestive parasite: Digestive worms steal food rations from the cat causing deficiencies. Cat follows a correct diet, eats the prescribed quantities regularly but does not stop losing weight. He will need to be given deworming as prescribed by the vet.

Digestive Disorder: Cats also have food allergies, such as gluten or lactose. These can cause chronic diarrhea, weight loss and even digestive cancers. If you suspect that your cat is allergic to a food or part of it, you will need to consult a veterinarian.

Stomatitis: these are painful ulcerative lesions of the mouth that make eating difficult. The cat then stops eating because it feels pain and is gradually losing weight.

Hyperthyroidism: Due to excessive secretion of thyroid hormones from the thyroid glands, the most common symptom is weight loss.

Depression: When a feline is depressed or going through a phase of chronic sadness, they may stop eating or eat little. What are the causes of depression in cats? An uninspiring home, a move, a new arrival in the family (a new animal or a baby), removal or bereavement, trauma and operations.

How to get a lost cat to regain weight

After hearing the veterinarian and following all the prescribed therapeutic indications and the advice to manage the pathology found in the cat, you will have to try to get Kitty to regain weight. Obviously this is a gradual and delicate process: you don’t have to gorge your Kitty with industrial quantities of food, much less make him eat everything. She needs to gain weight, yes, but in the correct way, so follow these useful tips.

It stimulates the appetite: you can slightly heat the food (the smell released by the hot food will make the dish more palatable) or add fruit and vegetables to the diet. The latter, in addition to being tasty, are rich in vitamins and minerals, but beware, the cat cannot eat all the existing fruit and vegetables. Ask the vet what you can offer your beloved fluffy dog.

Divide the quantities: smaller quantities of food divided well during the day will allow better absorption by the digestive system.

Water always available: hydration is essential for the well-being of the cat. Place bowls of water in different parts of the house and in the garden to entice the cat to drink.

Healthy and pleasant environments: the cat must live in clean, quiet and pleasant contexts. Reserve a space where cat can eat and rest in peace, he must not be disturbed.

Well -being: look for all the solutions that can promote the well-being of the cat. Some idea? Spend more time with him, play more, make him feel your love.

Other useful information on cats and weight

Determining if a cat is thin is not easy as there is no BMI (body mass index), as for humans. Let’s say that the skinny cat has ribs that are visible and can be counted with the naked eye without having to feel them, it has a thin tail, a thin belly, a thin neck and a visible breastbone. On average, an adult cat weighs between 3.5 and 5 kg, but the weight changes according to age, breed and sex.

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