The advantage of grain-free kibbles

If you’re looking for the best kibble for your adorable cat, you’ve come to the right page. Indeed, we want the best for our kitty. We want them to enjoy it while having the right intake in order to stay healthy, and for that, you obviously have to choose the right kibble. On the other hand, this is not obvious in view of all the existing brands and kibbles on the market! But don’t worry, we’ll help you see things more clearly.

What if you opt for grain-free croquettes?

You will never see a cat heading for a vegetable garden to eat a tomato or a garbage can to eat leftover rice. On the contrary, it comes running when you open a can of tuna or your packet of ham, but rarely when you open your packet of pasta. Cats are real hunters and it is thanks to this talent that they feed in the wild. By nature, the cat is indeed a pure carnivore. In everyday life, wild cats thus feed on small prey, such as birds or rodents, and although their stomachs sometimes contain fruits and vegetables, their diet is mainly composed of proteins. Cats also need certain nutrients that are mainly found in meat, such as taurine.

However, some kibble manufacturers will increase the dose of cereal compared to meat because of their low cost, which allows them to produce cheaper kibble. However, this in return increases the level of carbohydrates ingested, which increases the risk of overweight, obesity, diabetes, pancreatic problems or even chronic inflammatory bowel disease. And once the damage is done, it is truly heartbreaking to put them on a diet or watch them suffer. It is therefore necessary to act from the start!

In addition, the cereals added in the kibbles can be of poor quality and be contaminated with mycotoxins (toxic substances secreted by tiny fungi that can be present on the grains of cereals and corn). However, don’t worry, premium brands are regularly checked and we find little or no trace of these toxins in them, unlike discount brands.  

In addition, let’s not forget that grain-free kibbles are much more digestible than kibbles with a high percentage of cereals. Instead of the latter, you will find the presence of potatoes, squash or peas which are authorized and above all essential to create the consistency of the croquettes.

Why choose good croquettes? 

Feeding your cat high-quality kibble, especially grain-free, has many benefits. At first, they will allow them to have a beautiful hair and especially a healthy skin. In addition, it will prevent your cat from gaining too much weight and having health concerns such as allergies and urinary tract problems while limiting the formation of hairballs. In short, it will have all the necessary inputs to stay in shape and have fun during the day.

You should also know that the intestine of the cat is rather short. The latter measures about 1 meter, unlike that of the Man which measures 6 meters. In addition, its large intestine measures 20 to 40 centimeters, which is typical of the hunter with small prey, thus testifying to the fact that it needs a dose of protein several times a day.

How to choose them?

To select the best kibble, look at the ingredient list. You will find there the rate of meats and vegetables. Of course, the meat content must be greater than 35 or even 40% in addition to being the first ingredient to appear on the list. Be careful, however, not to confuse products and by-products of animal origin, because the latter represent most of the time carcasses that have been ground, especially if it is chicken, and not fresh meat. containing all the proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the cat’s body.

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