Socializing your Dog: importance, tips, socializing adult dog

Socialization is the key to avoiding violent episodes with others, nervousness, fears, phobias or negative behaviors

Dogs are descended from wolves and, although they have evolved quite a lot, they still maintain many of their habits, including that of living in packs. It is therefore very important for a dog to learn to socialize with others of its kind .

This will allow him to live better and even be more obedient. So let’s see why it is important for your dog to learn to socialize.

Why is it important for a dog to learn to socialize?

Being in contact with others is essential for life, especially in mammals. In the case of dogs, interacting with their peers allows them to learn new things, develop empathy and even be more balanced.

This process – which starts from birth with his siblings and mother – must be maintained throughout his life, but it is very important for the dog to learn to socialize as a puppy . This way he will get along well with other animals and avoid the appearance of behavioral problems, such as attacks on the street.

If the socialization is adequate, the animal will not think that other dogs are a danger or a threat to him and, therefore, will not want to bite, growl or attack them. This does not mean that he will become a totally peaceful animal, but he will not fight without reason.

And not only that: a properly socialized dog living in a city will not worry about the other things around him, such as traffic, the passage of many people around him, etc.

Socialization is the key to educating the animal , as it greatly reduces some ailments such as phobias, fears, nervousness or bad behavior. These aggressive or negative behaviors prevent the dog from following orders, but also from being accepted by other animals and people.

Basically, if your dog doesn’t learn to socialize properly, you may find yourself in the future with a pet that tries to bite for no apparent reason . This will become a problem when you have guests in the house and certainly cannot be taken to a park where there are other animals.

It is also likely that you will not even be able to take him to the vet, go for a walk off the leash or even adopt a new pet. Everything will be complicated with him.

How to socialize your dog: Tips

The critical phase for socialization begins when the animal is just born and lasts until the fourth month of life . If the puppy arrives home about 45 days after the mother has stopped nursing, you will still have several weeks to practice the different methods.

As soon as the dog is separated from his biological family, the owner must teach him to socialize . It is true that at the beginning the vets say that it is better not to go out on the street to avoid any health problems, but once the professional has given you permission, do not hesitate to go out with the puppy. Some advices:

  1. Let him know that you are in charge
  2. Make him feel safe by your side
  3. Organize small encounters with other cats and dogs
  4. Let them know different places (the park, the beach, the mountains …)
  5. Encourage positive experiences (for example, don’t cross him with an aggressive dog that can traumatize him)
  6. Get to know him well and pay attention to his body language
  7. Try to transmit energy, joy and happiness to him (dogs are able to recognize emotions )
  8. Get help from a professional trainer if you don’t get good results

How to teach your dog to socialize as an adult

If you didn’t do this when the pet was a puppy or if you adopted him as an adult, don’t think it’s impossible to teach him to socialize .

It may take longer, but this will have many positive effects on the animal.

A good idea to start is to “introduce” him to other dogs who are particularly good and who are happy to welcome strangers. If your pet is feeling scared, barking or hiding behind you, respect his emotions and try a new approach another day.

Whenever you take him to the park, it is important to put the leash on and never leave him alone .

It is very important that your dog learns to socialize as a puppy , but also when we realize that he is engaging in aggressive behaviors or when he is afraid and insecure. It is for her sake and yours too.

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