Lop Eared Rabbit or Ram Rabbit as a pet: types, appearance, nature, care, food, price

The main characteristic of the ram rabbit or lop rabbit and what makes it so charming are its long, drooping ears giving it a sad look waiting for hugs. It exists in pretty much all colors. Do not be surprised if at birth this rabbit with straight ears, they will fall back as the rabbit grows. The life expectancy of the dwarf lop rabbit is around 9 years, but it is still a fragile rabbit .

Type of Lop Eared Rabbits

Among the ram rabbits, the dwarf is one of the cutest due to its small size, which gives it the impression of always being a rabbit. In cuniculture, there are 4 types of ram rabbit. This distinction is based on a weighty argument: its size and weight.

Dwarf Ram Rabbit or dwarf Lop Eared rabbit:

The first type is the smallest, it is the one that interests us particularly, the dwarf ram rabbit that comes straight from the land of tulips and windmills in Holland. It weighs in adulthood between 1.3 kg and 2 kg. It has the characteristic specific to the ram rabbits, pretty floppy ears that can touch the ground for those who have the longest ears indeed they can sometimes reach 10 centimeters. Its hair is similar to the dwarf angora rabbit , indeed it is very dense, it is a mutation. Not being affected by dwarfism , if his weight exceeds 2 kilos, he will no longer be considered as a dwarf rabbit.

German Ram Rabbit or German Lop Eared rabbit:

The second type, a little larger, weighing up to 3.5 kilograms was developed in the 1960s by a country neighboring the first type: Germany. It is therefore the German rabbit . Perfectly sized as a pet, it is also popular for its calm. It differs from other ram rabbits by the shape of its nose which is somewhat “upturned” and gives it a special look.

English Ram Rabbit or English Lop Eared rabbit:

The third type comes to us from the United Kingdom. The English ram rabbit can weigh up to 5 kilograms. Provided with disproportionate ears, it can happen that they exceed half a meter, it is majestic. Did you say some resemblance to Dumbo?

French Ram Rabbit or French Lop Eared rabbit:

The fourth type is French. The French ram rabbit is the largest of its species, its weight can reach 7 kilograms. Its ears are also very long but however about ten centimeters shorter than those of the English rabbit.

Caring for your ram rabbit or lop eared rabbit

Its dense, soft-touch fur requires two brushings per week. In doing so, it will keep a fleece pleasant to the touch and without knots.

He is a sociable rabbit, so it is wise to take a companion for him to ensure him a most pleasant life. However, be careful to sterilize your rabbits to ensure better cohabitation, if however you want them to reproduce, we advise you to reunite the two sexes under surveillance, because beware of injuries. A male too pressing risks injuring the female whose skeleton is relatively fragile. We therefore advise you to choose two rabbits, a male and a female both sterilized, for a harmonious life.

The back is the most sensitive area, you have to be careful to prevent it from falling. Obviously it is forbidden to hold it by its ears.

Are ram rabbits or Lop eared rabbits suitable pets for children

By virtue of its sociable and calm nature, the dwarf lop rabbit is the suitable pet for children from 5, 6 years old, or at least when children can realize that they need to take care of them. It is important for his well-being to play with him while being delicate in his gestures. He particularly enjoys running and digging, so beware of outdoor escapades. Moreover, by virtue of its size, it is the king of hide and seek.

Some, called ” lion head dwarf rabbits  ,” have a dense, frill-like hair around the head while the body hair is shorter.

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