Why isn’t my puppy/dog sitting on command?

Teaching a dog to sit may sound easy, and many people teach it without difficulty. But in some cases, he gets distracted very easily or he gets up right away. In this article, our dog trainer will explain how to teach a dog to sit on command and wait for your signal to get up even if there are distractions. So this command will be extremely useful to teach other tricks/ basic obedience!

Frequent mistakes

These are the common mistakes most people make when they want to teach a dog to sit:

1. Repeating the Command

If you repeat your command many times in a row, your dog will end up sitting down, but you are not teaching him to sit the first time you give him the command. You have to ask your dog to sit once and if he doesn’t, help him sit up by pulling up on the leash or pressing his butt so that he sits.

2. Working with an off leashed dog

If you work with your off leashed dog, he will do what he wants. In order to teach the command and get your dog under control, you have to have him on a short or long leash. Once you have more control and your dog masters the command better, you can work with him without a leash.

3. Reducing the number of treats too quickly

Most people use treats in the beginning and when they get tired they take away the treats. To be able to remove the reward and continue with the same level of obedience, you have to remove them in a very specific way, you have to follow a plan to reduce the rewards.

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