How to strengthen the cat’s immune system

Sometimes it may be necessary to take steps to strengthen the cat’s immune system. Here’s how to do it according to the experts!

Taking a pet with you is a big responsibility as well as a life commitment. The owner of a cat has the obligation to take care of his psychophysical well-being and ensure that he can live in an appropriate environment. However, sometimes it is necessary to strengthen the cat’s immune system, which can be weakened for various reasons. Let’s find out how

Take care of the well-being of the cat

Cats are free and independent animals, and often depicted in the collective imagination as animals that know how to get by on their own. In reality this is not the case; even more so when it comes to pets, born and lived all the time at home, and now accustomed to other rhythms.

A good immune system is essential for a cat’s health. While in most cases you will not have to make any particular changes to their lifestyle, there may be situations in which instead it will be necessary to take action to strengthen the cat’s immune system.

The kittens

Undoubtedly one of the most delicate phases for the cat’s immune defenses is when it is still a puppy. The kitten’s immune system just after birth is unable to respond to infections adequately.

The mother cat will take care of it with her milk, colostrum, which will provide the little ones with what they need to survive. Little by little, their immune systems will be strengthened. If for some reason the kitten is unable to get milk directly from its mother, the best option would be to find another cat mom that she has just given birth.

Obviously in these cases a consultation with your trusted veterinarian is always recommended, both for the first visit of the kitten, and to evaluate any alternative solutions (think of administering the serum of an adult cat to the kitten).

The other cases

Obviously, birth and the first stages of life are in chronological order the first stages that can put a strain on the cat’s immune system, but obviously they are not the only ones. Even the reverse situation, i.e. an advanced age, can put a strain on your natural defenses.

Not just the aging cat however. Even specific long-term diseases (think of the diabetic cat) can weaken its immune system; as well as an antibiotic cure for a transient illness.

Cat diet

Feeding your cat a  balanced diet is essential, both for developing and maintaining the feline’s immune system. The nature of the cat must always be respected, which we remember as a carnivorous animal. So, every now and then it’s okay to slightly vary your diet; as long as you don’t forget that your diet must consist of 90% meat.

Many and small meals, always fresh, throughout the day is ideal for our cat. The role of antioxidants, which are vitamins and minerals present in food, is fundamental. For example, taurine, vitamin C and E are essential for the feline metabolism.

A cat-proof environment

Nutrition is essential to strengthen the cat’s immune system, but it must be supported by other measures. A cat-proof environment is ideal; that is a house where the curiosity of the cat is sufficiently stimulated and always keeps him active and in shape.

Paths to the top, games specially designed for him can be ideal; failing that, the cat could show signs of stress, and vent its dissatisfaction with food, gaining weight, with all the problems related to extra pounds. In short, it is not an aspect to be underestimated.

Food supplements

Unfortunately, in some cases these measures may not be enough, and you may have to consider giving your cat food supplements. Absolutely avoid do-it-yourself diagnosis.

If you suspect that the cat needs to supplement certain substances that it cannot absorb, contact your trusted veterinarian. It will be he who will carry out the appropriate tests on the cat and check if there is actually a food shortage.

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