How to know you cat is bored

Have you ever wondered if the cat suffers from boredom? The answer is yes. Here are 6 clear signs that a cat is bored and needs our attention.

Although it is reputed to be independent and solitary, the cat can actually get bored being alone. If it does not receive sufficient stimuli and time from us, the cat could have compulsive attitudes, sometimes even harmful to its own health. But we must be careful to distinguish an attitude that is the effect of boredom and others that are caused by a psycho-physical discomfort. If we see that this attitude persists even after our invitation to play, it will be appropriate to consult the expert’s opinion. Here are the three red flags of your cat’s boredom.

6 signs of a bored cat

He sleeps too much: a cat must necessarily recharge its energy with rest and relaxation. But if the cat’s sleep takes up most of the day and all night, it is absolutely not normal. The cat should sleep approximately 16/17 hours a day: many small naps during the day and all night could be the first signs of depression. If the cat sleeps too much and is in a persistent state of apathy and depression, it can also lead to him not doing what he usually does, which is to lick his fur.

He licks too much or too little – both behaviors can be symptoms of a bored cat. Excessive licking could also lead to skin problems: if we notice areas of alopecia, it could be caused by the cat licking itself excessively and always in the same area. On the contrary, an apathetic and depressive attitude could lead him to not lick himself enough, with consequent problems of hygiene and personal cleanliness.

Loss of appetite or spasmodic hunger: a bored cat may not be very hungry or, exactly the opposite, compulsive eating. As in humans, a cat who eats too much or too little can naturally have weight problems with a slight tendency to obesity or weight loss and other intestinal problems.

Intense meowing : we know our cat and his way of communicating. We certainly recognize a different sound in the cat’s meow when it wants to express discomfort and inner discomfort. A cat that meows incessantly and with great force can mean: ‘I want your attention, drop everything and play with me!’.

Aggression: A cat that bites, scratches and destroys anything under its claws can create a lot of inconvenience. Even some can use violence and aggression towards their own beloved owners: some cats can even jump on them suddenly and grab us with their paws. As if to want to play the hunt and the hunter: they certainly do not do it to harm us, although the victim may not be, rightly, of the same opinion.

Abnormal urination: If a cat starts urinating in areas other than the litter box, this could vent its boredom and frustration. Of course this could also be a symptom of a urinary tract infection: if the problem persists it is best to consult your vet.

Disturbs his fellow creatures: If a cat behaves aggressively and bully not only towards the owner but also towards his fellowmen, he could be venting his boredom in this way. This attitude, however, could trigger quarrels and fights between cats: it is obvious that the victim of the aggression can react with equal violence.

How to make a bored cat react

Outdoors: A cat is a free and independent animal: he likes to discover and explore. Staying indoors can be a cause of boredom and apathy for him: therefore, going out and walking can make his life less boring.

Equipping a play area: it is not necessary to dedicate an entire room to it, just a corner that is all its own. His toys, his scratcher and all the objects that can make him pass the boredom and not make him miss us too much.

We invite a friend – another cat could be of great help. In fact, among felines they could keep company and make their day together less boring.

Stimulate him: if our cat likes birds, for example, it might be an idea to show him pictures of birds directly from a PC. If he, on the other hand, loves music or certain sounds, let him listen to them. In short, let’s try to ‘satisfy’ these needs of him!

Give him time: to play together or to go out, dedicating our time to him is always the best solution to make him pass the boredom.

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