Feeding of the Foldex Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

Here is everything you need to know about feeding the Foldex: from essential nutrients to the daily amount to give to the cat.

Planning a balanced and complete diet for your four-legged friend is essential so that our furry dog ​​is always in strength and healthy. Let’s find out together what is the perfect power supply for the Foldex, also known as the Exotic Fold.

Feeding of the Foldex: doses and frequency of meals

To make sure that our cat’s diet is truly ideal, we should answer two questions: when and how much to feed the Foldex?

As for the frequency, it would be preferable to feed the cat twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Alternatively, it is possible to divide his daily ration into small meals, to be given to him throughout the day to keep his energy levels stable.

What are the recommended doses of food for the feline? Ideally, plan your daily food quantities with your veterinarian’s help.

In fact, it is necessary to identify rations that can satisfy the energy needs of the cat, without the risk of causing an accumulation of excess weight.

It should not be forgotten, in fact, that the Foldex is predisposed to the risk of obesity.

The vet will formulate a balanced nutritional plan, taking into account strictly individual factors such as the cat’s age, sex and state of health.

In general, however, the daily dose of wet amounts to about 40 grams for each kg of weight of the four-legged.

The figure will then be divided by 3 to calculate the amount of dry food not to be exceeded.

What to feed the Exotic Fold

What foods can not miss in the ideal diet of the Foldex?

Being an obligate carnivore, its diet must necessarily be based on the intake of meat and fish.

Green light for beef, chicken, rabbit, cod, salmon and tuna. From animal proteins, in fact, the cat draws a series of essential nutrients for its well-being, which its body is unable to synthesize by itself.

Pay attention to the amount of fat and carbohydrates, which should be minimal.

Precisely for this reason, it is absolutely not recommended to give the cat food intended for human consumption.

Home or industrial nutrition for the Foldex?

Finally, all that remains is to answer one last question: is a home or industrial diet better for your Foldex?

In reality, these are two equally valid diets, as long as they are carefully planned.

In the first case, in fact, we will prepare the baby food for the cat, taking care of all the steps, from the selection of the ingredients to their cooking. The pros and cons of this choice are:

  • Selection of controlled, fresh and high quality raw materials;
  • Knowledge of all stages of food preparation (cooking methods etc …);
  • Waste of time and energy;
  • Risk of nutritional deficiencies.

For this reason, the advice to anyone who wishes to submit this type of diet to the cat is to plan the pet’s diet with the help of the veterinarian, in order to avoid possible deficits.

Industrial food, on the other hand, provides for the administration of ready-made feeds to the Foldex, which can be found in specialized shops.

In this case it is essential to make sure of the goodness and quality of the selected foods, looking at the nutritional table and the ingredients, shown on the back of the package.

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