Cracked and dry cat paw pads: causes, remedies

Cracked and dry cat paw pads? Here are the reasons for this problem and what needs to be done in this situation.

The paw pads of felines are very beautiful, fluffy and soft and above all they are very important for our furry friends.

In fact, their softness is the main reason why the cat has a silent and plush step. In addition, the pads cushion the runs, walks and falls of the Cat.

However, even this part of the cat’s body can have some problems, in fact, the pads of the Kitty can crack or dry up. Let’s see below what are the causes and remedies of dry and cracked pads in cats.

Cracked and dry cat pads: causes

As we all know, the paws are very important for our beloved felines, as they are responsible for many functions of cats.

In fact, the pads of the paws of cats are not only useful for cushioning the cat’s walk and running as it supports the weight of its body, but it is also useful for:

  • Stabilize body temperature
  • Release the pheromones
  • Test the ground

However, if not taken care of properly, the cat’s pads can present some problems, such as they can dry out or crack.

This can especially happen in felines that have access to the outside. But what are the causes of this problem? The main reasons for the chapping and dryness of the cat’s pads are:

  • Weather conditions: temperatures that are too hot or too cold can cause this problem in the cat, as the latter walks on cold or hot roads
  • The cat licks its paw excessively : Excessive licking of the paws can cause cracking of the pads. It is important to identify the cause of this behaviour which could be associated with stress, anxiety or boredom
  • Rough Surfaces: Cat’s paws have no protection, so when walking on rough surfaces they can easily crack the pads.

Finally, we can find this problem in the cat even if the latter‘s diet is not correct and if the feline is dehydrated.

Cracked and dried cat pads: what to do

Felines can easily have dry or cracked paws, especially if they spend time outside the home.

However, there are really many natural remedies to treat the dryness and cracking of our four-legged friend’s pads.

It is important to remember, however, that if the cat also has wounds on the pads , it is advisable to contact a veterinarian, who will be able to give the right treatment.

That said, we can treat cat’s dry paws with:

  • Coconut oil : Useful thanks to the presence of natural antibacterial components, it is soothing and moisturizes the dry paws of the cat. It is advisable not to apply too much oil on the paw;
  • Olive oil : Excellent soothing for the dryness and cracking of the cat’s pads, especially if the cause is due to surfaces that are too hot or too cold;
  • Fish oil: Fish oil in addition to being rich in omega-3 fats and having anti-inflammatory properties, is also excellent for soothing the pain of chapping and dryness of the cat’s pads.

Finally, if the cause of the dry paws of the feline is due to the latter’s dehydration, it is necessary to encourage the cat to drink more.

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