Can cats perceive our sadness?

We already know: in many ways, pets bring us comfort and joy on a daily basis. Beneficial effects which have the consequence of reducing the signs of stress and anxiety. In short, they only bring us happiness! But what about when we go through tough times? Are cats able to recognize signs of sadness in their human? 

An always comforting presence

Life being what it is, it brings us as many good times as it does hardships to go through. Bereavement, friendly or romantic breakups, conflicts, disappointments can sometimes mark our life path. But our animals are still there. Moreover, it is customary to say that cats can feel the sadness of their human … Is this true?

Can a cat deliberately come to comfort us when we are in a moment of depression? Small clarification beforehand: cats can indeed experience sadness  ! They are just really good at hiding it , depending on their personality. And when it comes to feeling ours, it turns out differently.

They can recognize the signs of sadness …

Cats ‘ emotional intelligence allows them to recognize what our face and attitude can express. Cats interacting with jovial and playful people have been shown (in a scientific study) to be more likely to exhibit similar behavior and show playfulness and contact-seeking.

Otherwise, the situation is different. If it interprets signs of sadness as negative, the cat may prefer not to interact with its human. But if it identifies typical behaviours when you are sad (such as sitting in a specific place, eating, or lying in bed), it may make connections that cause him to interact with you.

… But not consciously comforting

If you’re curled up on the couch or in bed crying, there’s a good chance your cat will see you and identify your condition. That said, it will come curl up more for the promise of caresses and your body heat than to console you in a conscious way. Likewise if you eat, it will come closer to you in the hope of scooping up some crumbs !

In its head, it finally makes the connection between your condition and the fact that you are offering them affection and attention under these circumstances! That said, their mere presence serves to console us in such circumstances … Finally, the most beautiful in all of this is not the fact that the cats are always there no matter what, and that they accept us like this. · Who we are, with our flaws and weaknesses  ? To meditate !

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