5 tricks so that the cat does not scratch the furniture

Furniture-scratching cats lack attractive scratchers or need to learn to use them with some guidelines

All cats need to scratch and scratch. But, how to prevent the feline from sanding its nails on the sofa or table at home? There are several tricks that prevent the cat from scratching the furniture that are explained below. Among them, studying its scratching habits, getting them to use the scrapers and sanding areas that we place for them, covering the furniture chosen by the pet to sharpen its nails and even using catnip. But what to do while learning and scratching the furniture? This article also explains that in this situation you should never scold them, unless we catch them “with the legs in the dough.”

All cats need to scratch. But, how to prevent the feline from sanding its nails on the sofa or table at home? There are several tricks that prevent the cat from scratching the furniture: among them, study its scratching habits, get it to use scratchers and sanding areas that will have to be placed for it, cover the furniture chosen by the pet to sharpen its nails, use catnip and never scold him, unless he is caught “red-handed.”

Why do cats scratch?

All cats need to scratch: it is an instinctive and essential behaviour for the feline. Although some people think that their cat scratches the furniture of the house for simple amusement, the truth is that all cats innately scratch objects in their natural environment and for different reasons.

Cats need to scratch, so if they don’t have proper scratching posts, they will use the furniture

Cats scratch to get rid of dead layers of tissue from their nails and to keep their claws groomed. But, in addition, they scratch objects to mark them , a strategy that helps them communicate with other peers. Felines scratch objects with their nails above all as a means of communication : the scratched surface is a very visible sign for other cats and humans, who will soon see it. In addition, they need to scratch and scratch “to stretch and release stress.

But, how to avoid that the cat uses furniture, sofa, chairs and even curtains to scratch and take care of its nails? Several tips are given below.

Trick 1. How to prevent the cat from scratching the furniture? Get to know your feline

The happy cats need appropriate scrapers. Otherwise, they will naturally choose a small number of household objects for their nail sanding, which will almost inevitably include the sofa.

The first step in preventing him from scratching the house is to provide him with attractive scratching areas . For this, it is important to observe the tastes of the feline and what furniture or objects it uses to scratch itself. The trick is to contemplate them and give them similar options, but suitable for them. The questions to ask yourself are the following:

  • Where are the cat’s scratching areas located? Do you use areas near your bed or do you prefer to scratch on the landing mat?
  • What do they look and feel like? Are they soft, like a sofa, or thick and rough, like the legs of a chair?
  • Does the cat use vertical objects (legs and posts) or horizontal objects, such as a doormat?

Observing your four-legged friend to answer these questions is the first key to understanding his scratching preferences.

Trick 2. How to ensure that the cat does not scratch the house? Scrapers

Once you know the cat’s nail scratching tastes, you have to replace household objects with scratchers that are as similar as possible. These elements must meet the answers obtained in the first section.

It is necessary to place the authorized scratchers for the feline near the inappropriate scratching areas that he was already using, these experts add. Important: make sure that the new scratcher is stable and does not move while the cat is using it. These scratchers can go, little by little, away from the furniture that the feline used before and be placed in the desired areas.

Trick 3. Prevent the cat from scratching the furniture: cover them

Does the feline love a corner of the living room sofa to scratch and sharpen its nails? Or do you have a predilection for the wooden kitchen table leg? The key is to cover these surfaces with a fabric or material of a different texture, which is less stimulating for the cat .

A few simple old sheets or a blanket will do the trick, while the cat learns to use its new scratchers. And at the vet, you can also find sprays with unpleasant odors for cats , which can help.

Important: these covers should not be removed until you are sure that the feline uses its appropriate scratchers. They should be kept for at least a couple of weeks .

Trick 4. Prevent the cat from scratching the furniture: catnip

The cat’s environmental environment should be attractive and stimulating. This maxim is very important when cats are domestic and do not have access to protected gardens or terraces.

For this reason, it is important to place several scrapers inside the home, of different types and located in different areas. Scratchers can also be rubbed with catnip to make them more attractive to felines.

  • Find out why felines like catnip and how to use this plant to kitty the house.

Outdoors , they also need scratching areas, such as a tree stump or a vertical wooden pole covered with rope.

In addition, the cat’s nails must be cut once a week , since the amputation of the claws is cruel , dangerous and implies the disability of the feline.

Trick 5. Cats that scratch furniture: don’t scold him

Cats learn and, of course, can be educated. But, like people, cats learn little by little. What to do, then, if the cat scratches the furniture despite following the advice described?

Scolding him will only work if we catch him red-handed scratching his nails on furniture. Reprimand him, always with soft words so that he understands, but after he has done it, it will be useless. In addition, it will only be achieved by frightening him and losing his trust in us.

But what to do when the feline is caught “with its legs in the dough” scratching the sofa? Then you have to try to say “no” and lead him to the scratching post . Little by little, you will understand that it is the place to fix your nails.

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