What if my child wants to adopt a dog?

At some point in your life as a parent, your child may ask you many things: one of these requests could be a baby brother or adopting a pet . As for the former, we are unable to recommend anything, but if you want to know what to do when a child asks his parents to adopt a dog, keep reading this article .


Many children ask their parents to adopt a dog . Some do not know what to do, especially if they have never had pets in the home. Dogs might seem like a nuisance: bad smells, hair everywhere, dirt and noises . The truth is that anyone who has never had a pet at home doesn’t know how good it can be to have a little furry friend at home.https://b1136f4f2e21e434c90dc2d2347be984.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Before you say yes to your child, talk to them about all things involved in having a pet at home. You must make him understand that the dog is not a toy, but a living being that needs a lot of attention. Everyone in the family should be aware that family life will completely change and that, in addition to being a pet, they will become a new member of the family .

If you decide to give your child a dog as a gift, we suggest you go to a shelter: there you will find many animals among which your child can choose which one to take home. In addition to teaching him to give him love and affection, you will give a new home to an animal that needs it . Put your tastes aside, let your child choose.

You will soon realize that the puppy has become a vital part of the family . Dogs are a valid help for the socialization of children; in addition, they will also be useful for learning to take responsibility. In addition, having a dog has many advantages that you may never have considered before.


When the food falls to the ground, you no longer have to clean. In the kitchen or dining room, the new family member won’t be picky when the food hits the ground . Plus, you no longer have to worry about leftovers, because he’ll take care of them.
Another big advantage is the motivation to exercise . Your kids will be super trained with a dog. Whether the whole family goes out for a walk, or the kids play with him, he is ideal for getting your kids tired and going to bed early. Furthermore, they will always be able to count on the reassuring presence of their pet.

A pet will teach them to take responsibility. It will help them to be more tolerant, understanding and managing their frustration . Having to rely on human beings for many of its activities, little by little your children will make these values ​​their own, which they will then apply in their daily life, not only within the family, but in society.

The consequence of this teaching will be this: your children will stop thinking of themselves to think of the other, in this case, your dog . They will begin to realize that the decisions they make will affect other aspects, such as feeding your pet, taking him for a walk and to the vet .

The main advantage is family union . The dog will begin to become the center around which most of the family activities will revolve. Even before the puppy gets home, you will understand that many of the plans for the future will begin to take the dog into consideration as well.

But the benefits will be yours too . In addition to the advantages already mentioned, after a few days you will see that every time you return home, the dog will welcome you with joy. He will waggle his tail, or maybe he’ll party you, hopping and barking softly. Should you ever stay home alone, you will have an incomparable company at your disposal. Without realizing it, you will talk to him, tell him how your day went and ask him questions. Don’t panic, you are not going crazy! It is part of the process of “assimilation” of the dog within the family, becoming a member in all respects.

If your child has no health problems and, considering the pros and cons, even if it is a decision to think about, don’t deprive him of the pleasure of having a dog . Plan the arrival of the new family member together and make plans for him: buy some toys , a collar, a leash and everything you need to make him feel at home.

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