What are the sportiest dog breeds?

Dogs look a lot like their owners. An active and energetic person will want to have an animal with the same characteristics by his side. There are many athletic breeds. When choosing the most suitable one, a list of sportier dogs should be taken into consideration. These are 10 breeds , characterized by their active and energetic temperament.

The 10 Sportiest Dog Breeds

1.  Siberian Husky

He is a very well known sled dog, he is agile, strong and also very fast, when it comes to teamwork In addition, it is a very sociable and playful breed. It is perfect for families who love physical activity in the open air.

2.  Kurzhaar (German shorthaired pointing dog)

It is an elegant and aristocratic animal. It is strong and agile. Plays the role of guard and hunting dog in an excellent manner. In addition, he is very friendly, he gets along well with the smallest of the family .

3. Australian Shepherd

He has a discreet and reserved personality. However, that doesn’t mean he’s aggressive or grumpy. This breed loves to live in a family, and especially loves to play with children. He needs a lot of exercise. It can suffer a lot from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and isolation.

4.  Border Collie

In addition to being one of the sportiest breeds, it is one of the smartest . It learns very easily. It is an obedient and versatile dog. It is widely used to find missing persons. In addition, he is an excellent herding dog.

5. Giant Schnauzer

It is known as a herding dog, but the Giant Schnauzer has many other virtues. It is a large and strong animal, perfect as a defense dog. He is easy to train, and he is very brave. He may seem grumpy and aloof at first, but in reality he is sensitive, affectionate, friendly and playful.

6. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is one of the favorite breeds of families. He is sociable, with a nice character, and he is also very sporty. Gets along well with both children and other animals.

7. Hovawart

The Hovawart has countless virtues, is easy to train, as well as having a docile and sociable character. He is a good watchdog. In addition, he is very fond of people. He will do everything possible to protect his loved ones.

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback

This animal has great physical skills. He is strong, resilient, muscular and agile. It is characterized by a crest of hair on the back, which grows in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. It is a reserved and cautious animal. It is used as a guardian on farms, and is also very skilled as a hunting dog .

9. Pointer

The Pointer has an enviable physique. His figure is symmetrical, elegant and very resistant. It excels in racing. He is  agile, cunning and strong. Needs a lot of physical activity. It also gets along well with other animals.

10. Dalmatian

Another of the sportiest breeds is the Dalmatian . It is an animal with a great character. He is neither aggressive nor grumpy. He loves playing and exercising outdoors. It has an enviable silhouette, thanks to a particular diet that it must follow. It is the perfect breed to live with children and other animals.

Any of these 10 breeds are perfect for an active and energetic family. However, there are some personalities that are more reserved than others. This will depend on the type of dog you choose.

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