Why is your cat staring at you so much?

All cat owners know that these little creatures like to stare at us for hours. Some particularly like to feel admired in this way, but others feel embarrassed, even uncomfortable to feel watched in this way. But you are certainly all wondering why this insistent look? Explanations.

1. It is curious

Out of curiosity, the cat likes to observe its environment in order to control each element. If it stares at you without averting their eyes at any time of the day, it is above all to know your different actions and reactions. The cat being not only a formidable predator, but also a prey, it gets to know its adversary to anticipate a possible conflict.

Plus, we’re not going to lie to each other, it entertains them watching you like this. Indeed, your cat likes to watch you evolve because everything you do is a real mystery to them. For example, it does not understand how you feed yourself. Normally you should hunt, but you never do so it asks the question and tries to get answers by analyzing your behavior. From now on you will know that if your cat brings you prey home, it is simply because it wants to teach you how to hunt …

2. It makes eyes at you to get something

This look on you can also mean something else… By scrutinizing you in this way, your cat can try to communicate with you, in particular by making a request. It may be hungry, thirsty, want to play or want a cuddle.

Basically, It wants you to give them some attention. Indeed, the cat communicates a lot by the look.

3. It loves you

When your cat observes you while blinking slowly, it can mean that it feels good in your company, and that you are an important person for them.

On the other hand, it is strongly advised not to look a cat straight in the eye without blinking, this is a real sign of provocation among our feline friends. So, if you don’t want to upset your cat, don’t try to stare at them in turn, it could take it really badly…

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