Why is my cat scratching the window or the mirror?

When your cat is facing a window or a mirror, it has the strange habit of hoisting itself up on their two hind legs and scratching the glass like crazy? Not only is the noise particularly annoying, but it also damages your windows… Don’t worry, it hasn’t lost their mind! In reality, several reasons can explain such behavior.

Good to know: to prevent your cat from scratching your windows and mirrors, apply double-sided tape to the edges to dissuade them from approaching them. Indeed, felines hate walking on sticky surfaces. And if that doesn’t work, use a natural repellent!

1. It wants to go out (or come back)

Your cat has figured out that when it starts scratching frantically at the window, you come and open it to let them out. Being very intelligent, it has learned their lesson and it knows that this is the only way to attract your attention and thus satisfy their need for a walk. There is also a good chance that it will do the same when it wants to come home.

If your cat isn’t allowed out, it may also scratch at windows when it spots a bird or other animal that triggers it hunting instinct. Indeed, even if the cat has been domesticated and now lives more often indoors, it remains above all a predator.

Scratching at the window is then the only way it has found to express their frustration and to express their desire to pursue their prey.

2. Seeing their reflection, it thinks it’s another cat

If your cat is the type to scratch at the mirror when it sees its reflection, that’s completely normal. It is not dumber than another, it simply thinks that their reflection is none other than that of another cat. However, our feline friends are territorial animals.

Seeing this “rival” on its territory makes your cat want to fight it, or at least scare it away. But when it realizes it can’t touch it, it doesn’t understand what’s blocking it and can start scratching the mirror almost obsessively…

Note that some cats realize their mistake, especially because this “other cat” does not smell. But others can spend hours, if they don’t get tired, scratching this mirror at all costs.

3. It is trying to sharpen their claws

Although scratching posts are more likely to appeal to cats, they may also try to scratch windows or mirrors. Or at least stretch. The reason? They are simply vertical surfaces!

But usually, it doesn’t take long for cats to realize that this way of scratching is absolutely useless…

4. It marks his territory

Cats have scent glands on their feet. It is these glands that they use to mark their territory.

Thus, by scratching your windows, your cat leaves its scent on the surface of the windows and thus warns any other possible cat that it ventures into already conquered territory.

5. It tries to relieve their stress

If your cat is feeling anxious, it’s entirely possible that it’s trying to ease their stress by engaging in unusual behaviors, such as scratching the window.

It should be noted that, in the event of a stressful situation, cats generally indulge in destructive behavior

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