Why is my cat not eating

Why not my cat eat ?. This is a frequently asked question most cat owners ask themselves. In this information we will give you the answer and we will tell you how to find the solution. Thus, you will know how to act in each case, making your kitty eat correctly . At Petlifey, we explain the causes and reasons why a cat stops eating.

Causes why a cat does not eat

As you must suppose, like humans, a cat cannot go several days without eating as it can lead to serious health problems.

For example, you may suffer from feline hepatic lipidosis (accumulation of fats in the liver), a disease that can lead to death.

The first of all is to know the reason why a cat does not eat, what is known in medicine as feline anorexia. Let’s see below the most common causes and what you can do about it :

My cat stops eating due to changes in food

First of all, you should know that these animals have fixed habits, so any alteration in their routine can become a reason for a cat to stop eating.

One of the main reasons kittens stop eating is because you make a change in their diet. Either changes from wet to dry food, or from dry to wet food. Chances are, the taste of your food or the new texture is not entirely to your liking.

To do?

For this reason, it is advisable to change its food graduallygradually mixing small portions of the new food with the food that you gave it until now.

This action should be done in this way for approximately a week or ten days, fifteen at the most, until your cat becomes familiar with its new food.

My cat stops eating because I feed them from my plate

Another very common cause why cats begin to reject their food is that every time you eat you give them your food.

By trying other different flavours, it might start to refuse its food, hoping that every time you eat you will feed it from your own plate. But remember that this is very bad for them since many times the foods that we eat have a lot of fat or are simply foods that they have a hard time digesting.

And, although your cat finds your food delicious, it can be very harmful for them.

To do?

As much as it hurts and your feline pet makes you “emotional blackmail” meowing or making “faces”, under no circumstances should you feed them human food. It may be harsh, but it’s for your good.

My cat stops eating after giving them too many treats

Another reason why your cat may stop eating is that you are giving them too many treats.

Giving your cat treats is not bad, as long as they are given for good behavior and not very often. Treats contain many more calories than cat food or kibble, and therefore could be taking your cat’s appetite away at mealtime.

To do?

As we have mentioned before, use the “prizes” or “kicks” only to reward their good behavior and on specific occasions. Under no circumstances should it become a daily habit.

My cat does not eat because I have moved the feeder

Travel, house changes, or simply moving your cats from their space to another room, can also be determining factors for your cat to become inappetent.

Remember that being animals of habit, they can be very easily upset by changes in their routine, and one way to express their discontent could be precisely to stop eating.

To do?

Try to create a new comfortable, relaxed environment for your cat in which your feline pet can feel comfortable again. May it be able to adapt to the new space, but above all, may it feel safe again. It is very important that you create a good environment for them.

My cat does not eat due to an allergy to some cat food

On some occasions it could be that your cat is allergic to some component of the food. Which is why, obviously, you will avoid eating it at all costs. Because if you do, you will feel bad or indigestible … you will not even want to go near them.

So pay close attention, because if your cat in addition to stopping eating is beginning to lose more hair than usual or vomits frequently, it could be that it is presenting an allergic reaction.

To do?

Change the brand of cat food, whether it is feed, kibble or soft food. Pay attention to the ingredients to be able to detect if you are allergic to any component. There is also food for cats with allergy problems on the market.

My cat does not eat due to mouth problems

From gingivitis, inflammation of the gums, pain in a tooth or any other dental problem, it could be causing your kitten to give up its food.

Especially if it is dry food or croquettes. Since it will be much more difficult for them to be able to chew it and he could hurt themselves.

To do?

It is very important to periodically take your cat for a good dental cleaning to maintain good hygiene and avoid the accumulation of tartar that could generate these problems.

If the disease is already present, also go to the vet to intervene and put an immediate solution so that your furry pet can eat as soon as possible.

My cat does not eat due to stress or anxiety

It is very important to try to identify the factor that could be causing your cat to feel uncomfortable when eating and to feel stressed or suffer from anxiety. It may be due to the presence of another cat, a dog or even a new baby in the family.

To do?

These factors may be causing them discomfort and promoting its instinct for competition when it comes to eating. As always, we must try to make the cat feel comfortable and safe again in its environment, and also with all those around it.

My cat does not eat for hairballs

This is one of the most common causes, since hairballs can cause intestinal obstruction in your cat, or what is the same, that your cat’s intestine is covered by hairballs.

This cause can be easily detected since, in general, it will always be accompanied by vomiting.

To do?

Remember that to avoid hairballs, there are special foods and malt gels that will help your kitten to better evacuate these hairballs. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian on this point.

My cat does not eat due to insecurity

There are many reasons why a cat does not eat due to its insecurity. It can be from noise, proximity of certain objects or people, smells … even temperature.

To do?

An effective method is to stay with them while it eats and see if the cause of its loss of appetite is of psychological origin. Perhaps your presence can transmit security and tranquillity and encourage them to eat.

So try to place its food plate in a quiet place, free from noise and if necessary, you caress them while you offer them the food.

My cat does not eat because she is in heat

If it is a cat, between spring and autumn they usually have heat. Some kittens when they are in their ovulation cycle may lose their appetite. It is not something that happens in all cats, but it is usually common.

What to do to get your cat to eat

A good tip for cats to eat is to ration or divide their food into small doses throughout the day. You can place your plate at different heights and in different places.

In this way you will get your feline to perceive that its food is fresh, it will understand that it cannot have it when it wants and you will motivate them to eat its food rations.

It is very important that in the event of any visible symptoms or absence of symptoms, if your cat stops eating for a period of more than 24 hours, it is extremely important that you react on time and take it immediately to the vet.

This lack of appetite could lead them to develop a pathology in the liver called feline hepatic lipidosis. This disease is caused by the accumulation of lipids (fats) in the liver of cats that do not eat or refuse food. In very extreme cases it can even be fatal to the animal.

So since we do not want any of this to happen to any kitten, pay close attention to the symptoms that your feline and furry pet presents, and help it to be healthy.

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