Why does your cat tend to hide?

Do you usually search for your cat for hours? Then find it hidden under the bed, in a closet or in an even more unlikely place? Perhaps you are wondering if this behavior is normal or if it hides a deep malaise… Here is the answer!

The cat is above all a prey

If your cat is fearful or easily impressed, it’s normal for them to hide at the slightest unusual sound or movement. And for good reason, it’s the survival instinct that speaks!

Indeed, in nature, the cat is a predator but also a prey. It must therefore be always vigilant and ready to flee in order to escape its own predators. However, visitors who come to visit you at home, for example, are directly assimilated to possible predators and therefore to a threat…

It is also for this reason that cats that are about to give birth build a nest out of sight. Indeed, in nature, a young mother and their kittens are particularly vulnerable to predators.

In addition, a cat may also want to hide in order to be quiet and rest without being awakened by the incessant cries of children or the dog’s invitations to play.

On the other hand, if your cat was not used to hiding and now spends most of its time hiding somewhere, there is cause for concern. Indeed, any sudden change in behavior in cats must be taken seriously, and isolation is more important. This can indicate stress, even a phobia, or even an illness.

Also note that the cat needs its time to adapt to a new environment. Thus, if you have just adopted your cat or if you have just moved, it is normal for them to isolate itself for a while. At least until it feels comfortable enough to come out into the open.

Cats’ favorite hiding places

Most cats like to hide in places that are absolutely undetectable. Indeed, they are terribly good at disappearing and reappearing as if by magic. There is a reason for this.

In the wild, our feline friends must find hiding places where they feel perfectly safe in order to be able to take refuge there in case of threat but also to be able to sleep there.

Even though, most of the time, they only sleep with one eye open, it still happens that they enter a deep sleep. In this case, it is absolutely necessary that they are well hidden, sleep being the time when they are most vulnerable.

Thus, cats tend to choose narrow and closed hiding places, such as a cardboard box for example. However, they must still have a small opening so that they can see the danger coming. Indeed, our feline friends love to see without being seen…

But be careful, if your cat manages to sneak into the most inaccessible places, you must be vigilant. For example, remember to always check that it is not in the washing machine before turning it on.

My cat hides all the time: should I force him out?

Especially not! It’s the last thing to do. Indeed, forcing them out of their hiding place could undermine your cat’s trust in you.

If you really want your feline to show off, prefer to use the gentle way. To do this, try baiting them with treats or a toy. But if nothing helps, do not insist.

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