Why does the cat want to eat all the time?

Feeding the cat in winter: sometimes the cat can make you worry because it wants to eat all the time. Why does this happen? And what can we do for him?

The cat is by nature an animal that does not like the cold and is affected by winter temperatures much more than the dog: this is why there are some important precautions to put into practice and which concern the feeding of the cat in winter.

Furthermore, during the cold season it can happen that the cat goes through a phase of particular appetite, so much so that the owner wonders: why does cat want to eat all the time? Is everything normal or is there something wrong? In this article we will also answer this question.

Let’s start by saying that the cat in winter uses food as energy and fuel to keep warm and it is important that there is enough food to avoid affecting its reserves: this is why the cat’s diet in winter must be specifically designed for the needs of the cat our four-legged friend.

Feeding the cat in winter: the foods to prefer

During the cold season it is essential to choose the most suitable foods for the cat, which in winter burns more calories than the rest of the year. For this reason it is essential for the cat to eat more proteins and fats in winter, preferably from fresh poultry meat and fish.

When choosing the food to feed the cat in winter, be careful to read the label carefully: the food must be complete, suitable for the daily feeding of the cat, with quality ingredients. Also pay attention to where the ingredients come from and where the cat food was produced and if you have any questions, always contact your veterinarian.

Why is my cat always hungry, especially if it’s cold?

In the winter months there is often a phenomenon of increased appetite of our cat, which becomes almost greedy in constantly asking for food. This constant request for food can certainly depend on the fact that the cat’s diet in winter must be more energetic and caloric, but sometimes there can be different reasons.

A continuous and greedy diet, in fact, is not good for the cat and is often accompanied by subsequent health problems, such as regurgitation or problems in making needs. But where does the cat’s constant need to eat come from? And how can we fix it?

We need to understand if there is any nutritional deficiency in our cat’s diet: does the cat eat enough protein? Do we refill his bowl regularly? Are there fibers and carbohydrates? And does the cat drink enough water?

It being understood that the cat could simply be very greedy: just like people, the cat wants to eat continuously, not from hunger or malnutrition, but simply to satisfy its gluttony.

Finally, pay attention to psychological discomfort: if the cat suffers from lack of affection, stress or loneliness, it could try to solve the discomfort by asking for food constantly. In this case, pamper him more and play with him more often.

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