Why does the cat shake its paws? When it is a cause for concern

Have you ever noticed your little feline rubbing its paws? Have you ever wondered the reason for this behavior? Let’s see why the cat shakes its paws.

Cats often exhibit strange behaviors, which may be insignificant to us but which are not. However, we must always be careful to observe the attitudes of a feline, as they can communicate to us even when there is something wrong.

Like, for example, seeing your cat shake its paws, it could be an insignificant gesture for us men, but it can tell us that cat is not well. Let’s see together why the cat shakes its paws.

Why does the cat shake its paws?

A cat that shakes its paws can be compared to a dog that shakes its coat or even to a human being who cleans its hands.

However, the reasons why the cat can exhibit this behavior can be many, some even very serious.

The first reason why the cat can shake its paws is to dry them, especially if the cat has walked on a wet surface.

By shaking its paws, the feline eliminates the drops of water from the pads and the fur of the paws. In addition to removing water from the paws, the feline can also shake the paws to remove debris or dust that sticks to their paws.

Some felines, if they cannot shake the dirt off their paws, tend to remove it by chewing on their paws.

If your kitty shakes its paws after being in the litter box, it probably does it to eliminate the sand of the latter from the paws, on the other hand, felines are super clean animals.

If your four-legged friend is clean, he most likely shakes his paws to express disgust, for a food he doesn’t like, for the presence of a dog, or for some noises that the cat can’t stand .

When to worry

When the cat shakes its paws, it may also hide discomfort. It is our duty, for the sake of his health, to know how to recognize the suffering in the Cat.

In fact, when cats shake their paws they can also do it to reduce the pain they might feel in the latter. The pain could be caused by:

  • Cut
  • Bad fall
  • Insect bite in cats
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Damaged claws

In the event that the cat exhibits this behavior due to a paw problem, you will notice the Kitty licking its paw. In this case it is advisable to contact the veterinarian.

Paw shaking in cats can also be a symptom of muscle spasms. The latter can be caused by an underlying disease such as:

  • Hypoglycemia
  • Feline hyperesthesia
  • Epilepsy in cats
  • Anger
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Kidney failure cat

Also in this case it is advisable to contact your veterinarian immediately.

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