Why does the cat lick its belly

The cat licks its belly and you don’t know why? The reasons can be many and can affect the health of the cat. Let’s see together why.

When living with a cat or any other pet, observing their behavior can be very important.

Sometimes they can present strange attitudes, insignificant for us, but this is not always the case, some gestures can tell us that there is something wrong with our four-legged friend. Let’s see together why the cat often licks its belly.

The cat licks its belly: here’s why

It often happens to observe strange behaviours in your four-legged friend.

Very often we can see the cat licking its belly. If the cat exhibits this attitude from time to time there is no need to worry.

If, on the other hand, the feline licks its belly excessively, even going so far as to remove all the hairs, it is necessary to be careful. But why does my cat exhibit this behaviour?

The reasons for this “extreme” gesture are so many and can be divided into two categories:

  • Psychological conditions;
  • Physical conditions.

But let’s see below what are the various physical and psychological ailments that can lead the cat to lick its belly.

Psychological issues, psychological problems

The main psychological problems that can lead our furry friend to lick his belly are:

  • Stress and anxiety : the feline when stressed or anxious tends to lick its belly to calm down;
  • Boredom : in order not to get bored, the cat often starts licking the belly.

What to do in these cases? In the event that the cat is stressed for some reason, it would be advisable to spend more time with the cat, perhaps playing a little more with him or cuddling him more often.

To “cure” the cat of boredom you could instead provide him with many different games, some of which could keep his mind active.

Physical problems

In addition to psychological problems, the cat could lick the fur of the belly even if experience pain or discomfort due to various ailments.

The main disorders that can cause this behaviour in the cat are:

  • Parasites: parasites such as mites, fleas or ticks can cause itching in the cat and consequently the presence of this behaviour in the cat;
  • Allergies: The feline could have food allergies that could cause irritation, for this reason the cat could lick itself and sometimes even bite;
  • Dry skin: Even dry skin can cause discomfort to your cat, which starts licking its belly to relieve it.

What to do about it? In the event that the cause of our furry friend’s behavior is related to parasites, it is necessary to take the cat to the vet.

If the cause is a food allergy, your vet may give your cat a dietary test. If, on the other hand, the cat has skin problems, the specialist may perform a skin test to highlight the type of problem the cat is presenting and prescribe the right treatment.

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