Why does my cat yawn when it sees me?

Whenever you walk into a room and your cat sees you, it will yawn. Not that it bothers you, but you might be wondering if this is a sign that you are bothering her. In reality, don’t be offended, there are several (good) reasons for this behavior in your hairball. Here are which ones!

1. It wakes up

The first reason your cat can yawn when it sees you is obviously waking up after a nap. Indeed, our feline friends have a habit of yawning and stretching after each period of sleep. And this does not matter how long the nap is! They also do the same when they are tired.

Yawning actually allows them to expel carbon dioxide from their bodies and absorb a large breath of oxygen. The oxygen then reaches their brain, which gives them a boost of energy. Note that this technique is very useful to be quickly alert after a phase of falling asleep. This way, cats can react immediately to the slightest danger.

So, if you have inadvertently woken your cat when entering the room, it’s no wonder he starts yawning.

2. It feels relaxed

If your cat yawns when it sees you while its awake, it has a pretty positive meaning. Indeed, this behaviour is a way for your feline to express its well-being to you. With you, it feels relaxed, confident and secure.

For example, if your cat yawns welcoming you when you come home, it is because your presence comforts and soothes them. It knows that from now on it will be fed, caressed and pampered.

Good to know  : There may be other signs that your cat is feeling good with you. It can rub against your legs, give you little nods, or emit short, happy meows that sound like chirps.

3. Its upset

Yawning in cats can also mean some annoyance in the latter. For example, if your cat is sleeping and you wake them up by petting them, its yawn could be a sign of its displeasure. It is usually accompanied by a more or less rapid tail movement.

Likewise, if you get between your cat and her food bowl. In this case, it may also yawn to express its annoyance.

4. It wants to get your attention

Sometimes some cats yawn to get their human’s attention. Indeed, they realized that yawning always earned them a cares or a nice little word. In this case, the yawn is usually followed by meowing.

CAUTION  : If your cat yawns from time to time, this is completely normal behaviour. On the other hand, if it spends its day yawning, a visit to the vet is in order. Indeed, several conditions can cause a cat to yawn regularly: dental pain, hypercapnia …

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