Why does my cat always hang around my legs?

That your cat follows you everywhere (even to the toilet) still happens, but that they spends their time hanging around your legs at the risk of tripping you, nope! Sometimes you even wonder if it’s not deliberately trying to knock you down… In any case, you’d like to understand why it walks like this in zigzag in front of you or slips between your legs. In reality, several reasons can explain such behavior. Here are which ones! 

1. It thinks you’re going to feed them

If your cat is dragging your legs when it’s meal time approaches, it’s for a good reason. Indeed, it expects you to give them their food at all times. In order to be sure not to miss this sacred moment, it sticks to your train, finally to your legs.

Besides, it can also be a way to rush you a little. And to make you understand that it is hungry. Or it knows that in the evening, most of the time, when you get up, it’s to go to the kitchen to prepare your food… And that there is therefore a good chance of being able to grab some food. Cats are aces of observation, do not forget it!

2. It imagines that you are going to play with them

By placing itself at your legs each time you stand up, your cat may hope that you will play with them. Indeed, if your feline is dynamic, even hyperactive, the slightest movement on your part has the gift of exciting it!

3. It wants your attention

When your cat hangs around your legs as you walk and affectionately curls its tail around or rubs against it, it means it wants your attention. Indeed, it knows that by performing these gestures, there is a good chance that you will give them what it expects. That is to say most often a caress or a treat. It may also try to lead you to the door to let them out, for example.

Note, however, that even if it may seem cute on their part, it is in fact a form of domination. Your cat learned this behavior in order to control you. Why? So that you give them what it needs when it needs it. It may also be for this reason that it constantly moves with you. Indeed, as the head of the house, your cat should always stand in the center of the room.

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